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“I’m Too Zika” Song

A rendition by EbolaInfo, based on the original: I’m Too Sexy, Right Said Fred.

I’m too Zika for my love
Too Zika for my love
Love’s going to leave me
I’m too Zika for my shirt
Too Zika for my shirt
So Zika it hurts
And I’m too Zika for Milan
Too Zika for Milan,
New York and Japan
And I’m too Zika for your party
Too Zika for your party
No way I’m disco dancing
I’m a model, you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah, on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah
I do my little turn on the catwalk
I’m too Zika for my car
Too Zika for my car
Too Zika by far
And I’m too Zika for my hat
Too Zika for my hat
What d’ya think about that?
I’m a model, you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah, on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah
I shake my little tush on the catwalk
I’m too Zika for my
Too Zika for my
Too Zika…

The song displays the disdain for the official fear narrative to justify $1.9B corporate welfare handout being pushed by the likes of Ron Klain and Webster Tarpley

Billy Gates (Gatinski) and Brexit

Note: A successful corporate pirate, supports eugenics, GMO, vaccines, Climate Change, globalism,  and UK staying in the statist wet dream of the EU. We can infer he also supports TPP, TTIP. It would seem sovereignty is irrelavant to the corporatists and statists.
IN: StrongerInEurope
OUT: VoteLeave

The Zika Crisis: Latest Findings | The Forum at HSPH

Marcia Castro
Associate Professor of Demography,
Harvard T.H. Chan School
As of 4th March 2016
– 5900 suspected cases
– 640 confirmed for microcephaly
– Only 80 had zika virus
Note:  Zika (or dengue) found in 80 out of 640 (12.5%) cases of confirmed microcephaly. 87.5% of microcephaly cases tested negative for zika (or dengue) virus. Dengue virus may be creating false positives for zika. Zika and dengue are very similar.

What You Need To Know About The Richest Man In America

Linked to:
World Health Organisation (Bogus Pandemic and vaccine pushers – Swine/Zika)
Monsanto (GMO/Glyphosate)
Editas (Gene splicing)
Oxitec (GM Mosquitoes)
Microsoft (NSA Backdoored OSes)
Planned Parenthood via his father

It is best to start viewing these Forbes richlists with some suspicion!  Based on land holdings, Queen Elizabeth II has the largest land holdings which is estimated to be worth  trillions! Trillions NOT billions!

Members of the Flavivirus Genus With Known Arthropod Vectors


Group Classification Vector Species
Mammalian Tick Gadgets Gully virus
Kadam virus
Kyasanur Forest disease virus
Langat virus
Louping ill virus
Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus Powassan virus
Royal Farm virus
Tick-borne encephalitis virus
Seabird Tick Meaban virus
Saumarez Reef virus
Tyuleniy virus
Aroa Mosquito Aroa virus
Dengue Mosquito Dengue virus
Kedougou virus
Japanese encephalitis Mosquito Cacipacore virus
Japanese encephalitis virus
Koutango virus
Murray Valley encephalitis virus
St. Louis encephalitis virus
Usutu virus
West Nile virus
Yaounde virus
Kokobera Mosquito Kokobera virus
Ntaya Mosquito Bagaza virus
Ilheus virus
Israel turkey virus§ Ntaya virus
Tembusu virus
Spondweni Mosquito Zika virus
Yellow fever Mosquito Banzi virus
Bouboui virus
Edge Hill virus
Jugra virus
Sapoya virus
Sepik virus
Uganda S virus
Wesselsbron virus
Yellow fever virus

Note: We are ahead of the curve, WHO/CDC which of these mosquitoe borne viruses will be next? How about Uganda S or Kedougou virus? Kokobera virus (ATCC® VR-379™) sounds strange enough? Nope, thats from Australia, it needs to come from Africa to make it scary enough.

BBC: WHO microcephaly expert We must assume that this can spread

Using W.H.O’s microcephaly experts figures, we should have between 40- 66 thousand cases of microcephaly in Brazil for this rare condition and between 64-107 thousand in the US. Liar, liar… fire!.

3 February 2016
Talking Head
Dr Anthony Costello
BBC reporter: …joining me is Dr Anthony Costello, he is one of the W.H.O’s experts on microcephaly, there aren’t many of you are there? tell us about em, what we actually know about this link between microcephaly and zika?

Talking head: well microcephaly is a rare condition, erm, normally it affects maybe 1 in 3 to 5 thousand babies and what we’ve picked up is a surge in cases of microcephaly in two areas where zika virus has broken out.
First in French Polynesia last year and now to a much greater extent in Brazil, particularly in one area of Brazil.
Urm, we don’t know about cases yet in other areas, but remember if there’s been an infection of zika virus early in pregnancy it may take several months before you pick up that surge in the number of cases

BBC reporter: so what happens now, in terms of establishing this link, clearly there will be a lot of women, mothers who are very worried about this?

Talking head: “We must assume, given global travel and the like, that this could spread into many other populations as well. First we are trying to get a definition of microcephaly that can be used and standardized. We need to know the risks and the outcome from microcephaly. Not all children with microcephaly will go on to have severe developmental problems but most will have.
We’ve got to establish the link with zika virus. We desperately need to have better diagnostics, so that we can look very carefully, if you get pregnant and you get infected what is the risk of having microcephaly, at the moment we don’t exactly know what that is.

BBC reporter: so what advise would you give people, particularly pregnant women who are are thinking of going on holiday or going for the olympics or carnival?

Talking head: It’s bound to be very scary at the moment. The first thing is that this is still a relatively rare occurrence and even if the rates increase most women are going to get through pregancy absolutely fine. They need to know about risk protection against mosquitoes. There is no travel or trade ban at the moment but clearly if its non-essential travel you need to think very carefully about if you are pregnant or likely to be pregnant, ah, about travelling to those areas.
Note: At the start of the interview this expert asserts a link between microcephaly and zika even going so far as to state we will surge later on because those infected now will show the effects in several months. Towards the end he says we DO NOT KNOW the risk. There is a link but we do not know the probality of a baby being affected by the mother’s  zika infection.

A rare condition? Really, ok lets do the maths:

Country Population 1 in 3000 1 in 5000
United Kingdom 64,600,000 21,533 12,920
United States 321,000,000 107,000 64,200
Brazil 200,400,000 66,800 40,080
Uganda 32,900,000 10,967 6,580
French Polynesia 270,000 90 54


BBC picks up on 25000 microcephaly cases in US


Note: 25K microcephaly cases in the US, why? Brazil has less than 300 confirmed cases out of the dubious 4000 claimed cases.
Will W.H.O. declare the US an affected pandemic region in relation to microcephaly of unknown cause?
Hint to CDC and WHO: Vaccine induced damage, GMO crop consumption, glyphosates, pesticides

WHO: List of Members…IHR Emergency Committee on Zika virus…

List of Members of, and Advisers to, the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee on Zika virus and observed increase in neurological disorders and neonatal malformations
1 February 2016

Professor David L. Heymann
Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Dr Fernando Althabe
Director, Department of Maternal and Child Health Research, Institute of Clinical and Health Policy Effectiveness, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr Kalpana Baruah
Joint Director, National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi, India
Continue reading WHO: List of Members…IHR Emergency Committee on Zika virus…

BBC: Zika-linked condition: WHO declares global emergency


WHO director general, Margaret Chan called Zika an “extraordinary event” that needed a coordinated response.
“I am now declaring that the recent cluster of microcephaly and other neurological abnormalities reported in Latin America following a similar cluster in French Polynesia in 2014 constitutes a public health emergency of international concern.”

Note: We have several opposing views concerning the cause of microcephaly in Brazil.
1) Zika virus or some other viral fragment carried by Aedes Egypti mosquitoes
2) Pollutants like glyphosate and other pesticides
3) Mandated vaccines during pregnancy, in Brazil TDAP.

WHO Director-general, Margaret Chan has decided on the zika virus as the causal agent in the cases of microcephaly in Brazil.
Their solution? Expedite GMO vaccine and diagnostics research.

Link to Audio of Press Briefing