This blog was initially, a curated list of articles and videos on the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

It has since expanded to cover other issues. It now also facilitates the curation of material on virus scares, vaccines, GMO, Pharma malfeance, TPP/TTIP, Banking frauds, African commodities and its exploitation, Global Trade agreements, Brexit, Legalese Private Bar members and Globalists activities.

The captive (state/corporate) Main Stream Media (MSMS) WILL NOT provide enough background and analysis of the issues.

Ebola virus
Image of Ebola virus

Full attribution or links to articles are given. Images are self evidently copyrighted or branded and used non-commercially.

WordPress.com may profit from this blog. I do not! All information is shared to expose the global complicity of NGOs, media, medical, academic, military, political and financial establishments in the furtherance of genocide and global attempt to enslave humanity for the benefit of a minuscule psychopathic minority that hide behind the curtain to avoid the obvious glare of enmity that will occur.

Is this not the case for their golden boy and current whipping boy hangout for GMO/vaccine enmity: Billy Boy Gates.

Updated 11/04/2019

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