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King T’Challa of Wakanda’s press conference at the UN.

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[After his announcement on Monday 20th Feb 2018, that Wakanda would share its technology, King T’Challa held a press conference at which EbolaInfo was able to ask a question]
EbolaInfo: What did the Wakandans make of the Swine flu, Ebola and Zika virus epidemics?
King T’Challa: Our assessment was that all three had commercial or corporate interests, however we note that the so called “Ebola pandemic” also had military objectives relating to Africom and its need to establish bases in Africa. Our surveillance has seen increased secret missions by US and NATO forces in Africa.

We are also a bit puzzled by what we regard as a medieval practice, akin to blood letting for corporate and state interests. I am referring to your practice of injecting directly into the blood stream foreign contaminants. You call it vaccination!

To Wakandans, integrity is very important! Spiritually, mentally, bodily and nationally.  Our approach is to strengthen the body’s own ability to destroy infections.  What I mean is that we don’t  tell the security guard to remember a long list of suspects. We focus on making our security guard strong enough to withstand all enemies. This means we nourish and strengthen that part of the immune system that actually destroys foreign agents. What you tend to do is expose your immune systems artificially to foreign contaminants which your immune systems are to weak to actually destroy.

We  were never concerned about these so called bio-threats seeping into Wakanda, as we continuously monitor for genetically modified organisms and agri-poisons like Roundup. But more importantly the Wakandan people have very robust health due to our free national health care, nutrition., very low environmental pollutants and life style choices. We know our approach is better as fewer invasive medical procedures equates to increased bodily integrity and hence disease resistance.

EbolaInfo: Please, one more question…

King T’Challa: Sorry, someone else…

Note: This is fictional!

West African governments must integrate trained Ebola responders into community-based health systems


GENEVA, Switzerland, November 9, 2015/APO (African Press Organization)/ —

With the WHO declaration that the Ebola virus disease outbreak in Sierra Leone has now ended, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is calling upon all West African countries affected by the epidemic to integrate trained responders into their community-based health systems.

“Ebola-affected countries face many challenges in strengthening their healthcare systems,” said Alasan Senghore, IFRC director, Africa region. “Trained Red Cross volunteers have transferrable skills which can be used in future disease outbreaks. We call on the governments of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to integrate these workers into community health systems as they begin to recover.”

Through its Community Events-Based Surveillance programme, the Red Cross in Sierra Leone has trained over 2,000 community-based volunteers to act as an early-warning system for Ebola and other epidemics. This engagement and surveillance at the community level, which will continue beyond the end of the epidemic, will strengthen the country’s response capacity and mitigate the human and economic impact of future outbreaks.

Since the start of the outbreak 20 months ago, more than 10,000 Red Cross volunteers have played a critical role in getting to zero cases, conducting safe and dignified burials, contact tracing, psychosocial support, surveillance and social mobilization, as well as operating two treatment centres.

“Our volunteers are among the many heroes of this operation,” said Senghore. “They were accused of spreading the virus and causing deaths. Some were verbally and physically threatened. Many were banned from their own communities. Yet, they never wavered in their commitment to rid their countries of this hideous virus.”

As the outbreak in Sierra Leone ends, the IFRC recognizes its responsibility to ensure that those who helped fight the virus are well supported as they reintegrate back into their communities.

“We have a duty to ensure that our frontline volunteers, who risked their lives to rid Sierra Leone of Ebola, do not suffer long term effects as a result of their heroic actions,” said Senghore. “Many responders continue to face stigmatization because of the invaluable role they played in ending the Ebola outbreak. We cannot abandon them now, and call on our partners to help us, help them.”

One project has already been established to facilitate the reintegration of 800 Red Cross Ebola workers in Sierra Leone. The joint 1.8 million Swiss franc project with UNDP aims to reskill frontline Ebola responders through scholarships, business empowerment grants, vocational training and career mentoring. Ongoing psychosocial support will continue to be provided, to help responders cope with any stigma they may face.

“It may be challenging for them to find a new job or return to school. This joint project with our partners at UNDP will help make that transition as smooth as possible,” added Senghore.

A similar project with UNDP is also planned when the Ebola outbreak ends in Guinea, which continues to report fewer than ten confirmed cases a month.

In Liberia, Red Cross volunteers received a negotiated package to assist them as they integrated into new employment, when the outbreak was declared over in September.

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

The government’s war on humanity: DEPOPULATION is here!

Published on Nov 5, 2015
The government’s war on humanity is here! Instead of encouraging population growth and expansion, the governments of the world are now actively trying to DEPOPULATE the planet of humans.

WHO – Ebola Situation Report – 4 November 2015


Ebola Situation Report - 4 November 2015

  • One new confirmed case of Ebola virus disease (EVD) was reported from Guinea in the week to 1 November. The case is the newborn child of a 25-year-old woman who was confirmed as a case in the prefecture of Forecariah during the previous week…
  • Case incidence has remained at 5 confirmed cases or fewer per week for 14 consecutive weeks…
Country Case definition Cumulative cases Cases in past 21 days Cumulative deaths
Guinea Confirmed 3351 7 2083
Probable 453 * 453
Suspected 6 *
Total 3810 7 2536
Liberia§ Confirmed 3151
Probable 1879
Suspected 5636
Total 10 666 4806
Liberia** Confirmed 6 0 2
Probable * *
Suspected *
Total 6 0 2
Sierra Leone Confirmed 8704 0 3589
Probable 287 * 208
Suspected 5098 * 158
Total 14 089 0 3955
Total Confirmed 15 212 7
Probable 2619 *
Suspected 10 740 *
Total 28 571 7 11 299

WHO – Ebola Situation Report – 30 September 2015


WHO - Ebola Situation Report - 30 September 2015
There were 4 confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) reported in the week to 27 September, all in Guinea. Case incidence has remained below 10 cases per week since the end of July this year. Over the same period, transmission of the virus has been geographically confined to several small areas in western Guinea and Sierra Leone, marking a transition to a distinct, third phase of the epidemic

Table 1: Confirmed, probable, and suspected EVD cases in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone

Country Case definition Cumulative cases Cases in past 21 days Cumulative deaths
Guinea Confirmed 3344 6 2080
Probable 453 * 453
Suspected 8 *
Total 3805 6 2533
Liberia§ Confirmed 3151
Probable 1879
Suspected 5636
Total 10 666 4806
Liberia** Confirmed 6 0 2
Probable * *
Suspected *
Total 6 0 2
Sierra Leone Confirmed 8704 5 3589
Probable 287 * 208
Suspected 4920 * 158
Total 13 911 5 3955
Total Confirmed 15 205 11
Probable 2619 *
Suspected 10 564 *
Total 28 388 11 11 296

Note: All data and comments above are verbatim from sitrep site.

WHO – Ebola Situation Report – 24 June 2015

Ebola Situation Report - 24 June 2015
There were 20 confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) reported in the week to 21 June, compared with 24 cases the previous week.

Country Case definition Cumulative cases Cases in past 21 days Cumulative deaths
Guinea Confirmed 3257 34 2030
Probable 443 * 443
Suspected 18 *
Total 3718 34 2473
Liberia§ Confirmed 3151 0
Probable 1879 *
Suspected 5636 *
Total 10 666 0 4806
Sierra Leone Confirmed 8657 37 3562
Probable 287 * 208
Suspected 4115 * 158
Total 13 059 37 3928
Total Confirmed 15 065 71
Probable 2609 *
Suspected 9769 *
Total 27 443 71 11 207

Note: Data published by WHO. Its veracity or omissions reside with them and their partner organisations.

Globalist David Rockefeller Turns 100 YEARS OLD!

Note: Death panels, eugenics, population control for humanity but longevity for him, Billy Boy Gates, Georgie Soros and co. The evidence against your cabal of oligarchs is pretty damning.

WHO – Ebola Situation Report – 20 May 2015

WHO Sitrep 20May2015
“The week to 17 May saw the highest weekly total of confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) for over a month, with 35 cases reported from Guinea and Sierra Leone. This is a substantial increase compared with 9 cases reported the previous week”.

Country Case definition Cumulative cases Cases in past 21 days Cumulative deaths
Guinea Confirmed 3201 43 1988
Probable 419 * 419
Suspected 15 *
Total 3635 43 2407
Liberia§ Confirmed 3151 0
Probable 1879 *
Suspected 5636 *
Total 10 666 0 4806
Sierra Leone Confirmed 8605 19 3541
Probable 287 * 208
Suspected 3740 * 158
Total 12 632 19 3907
Total Confirmed 14 957 62
Probable 2585 *
Suspected 9391 *
Total 26 933 62 11 120

Note: Officially, Liberia is still Ebola free.

WHO – The Ebola outbreak in Liberia is over

WHO statement
9 May 2015

Today, 9 May 2015, WHO declares Liberia free of Ebola virus transmission. Forty-two days have passed since the last laboratory-confirmed case was buried on 28 March 2015. The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Liberia is over.

Interruption of transmission is a monumental achievement for a country that reported the highest number of deaths in the largest, longest, and most complex outbreak since Ebola first emerged in 1976. At the peak of transmission, which occurred during August and September 2014, the country was reporting from 300 to 400 new cases every week.

Note: We await Ebola’s eradication in Sierra Leone and Guinea to finally assess the full impact of Ebola on this region of West Africa and the extent it has provided cover for Anglo-saxon corporate interests.

WHO – Ebola Situation Report – 6 May 2015


  • A total of 18 confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) was reported in the week to 3 May
Country Case definition Cumulative cases Cases in past 21 days Cumulative deaths
Guinea Confirmed 3167 50 1971
Probable 415 * 415
Suspected 7 *
Total 3589 50 2386
Liberia Confirmed 3151 0
Probable 1879 *
Suspected 5534 *
Total 10 564 0 4716
Sierra Leone Confirmed 8595 32 3537
Probable 287 * 208
Suspected 3558 * 158
Total 12 440 32 3903
Total Confirmed 14 913 83
Probable 2581 *
Suspected 9099 *
Total 26 593 82 11 005