Ebola – Aids, the Sequel © 1995 World Is Africa, was first published by the PACM newsletter

You have seen the movies, and read the books. They call it science fiction but to Africa it is real. The most deadly viruses are invariably linked to Africa even when the evidence show there is no connection. The latest in the never ending series of tragedies in Africa emerged recently with reports of the outbreak of a deadly epidemic in the city of Kikwit in central Zaire. Responsible for this is the deadly virus Europeans have named EBOLA.

Facts not Fiction

This virus was named EBOLA by Europeans during an outbreak around the Ebola River on the Zaire Sudan borders in 1976. It was the virus in the film by Robin Cook, ‘Virus,”’ which appeared on NBC-TV. The recent movie “Outbreak” concerned a haemorrhagic virus that first appeared in Zaire. The best-selling book “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston focused on an outbreak of a strain of this virus among monkeys outside Washington.

It is important to note that the first occurrence of this virus was not in Africa. The first known occurrence was in 1967, when seven persons in Marburg, Germany, died, allegedly after handling blood and tissues from African green monkeys from Uganda. The tissues contained an organism later named Marburg virus. The question is “who had the virus first, the monkeys or the men? The first reported case of the virus in Africa was diagnosed in southern Sudan in July 1976, nine years later, and was twice as lethal as the original Marburg strain. Two months later, an even more lethal strain emerged in northern Zaire. There were further outbreaks in 1979. In all of this, hundreds of Africans died.

There has also been a further strain of this virus called Reston which emerged in a U.S. laboratory in 1989. This is clever propaganda. They have branded this as an African virus by giving it an African Name. This is to ensure that it is always identified with Africa regareless of contrary evidence. This is psychological warfare in supporting of biological warfare. Once again we have been mentally prepared to accept our genocide by those responsible for it. The story was the same with AIDS in the early eighties when we were bombarded with theories that it originated in Africa. This was years before it appeared there and at a time when all the known cases were in the USA and Europe.

This virus is usually fatal and there is no known cure or treatment. It is said not to spread through casual contact, but through body fluids and secretions. Most of those infected, about 80 percent, have high fever and bleed to death from haemorrhaging. Infection starts like Malaria, first fever, a sore throat and a headache. The early symptoms are followed by vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhoea. Within two weeks of infection, the uncontrolled bleeding begins — internally and externally — as the human innards worm their way out through the eyes, lips, ears and even skin. At the end the virus affects the blood clotting mechanism. Death comes within days as blood pours from the victims’ bodies, rivers of red slipping from their eyes, ears and noses.

Made to Order

AIDS first appeared in the USA in 1979 and every attempt was made to prove that it originated in Africa. One of the fallacious theories that abounded was that it was spread from the Green monkey to Africans, transported to the west during slavery and laid dormant in Haiti. This was despite the fact that the first known occurrence of the disease was in a research laboratory in the USA. It should also be noted that a clear reference to AIDS as a functional disease was made as early as 1968 in the book “A Survey Of Chemical and Biological Warfare”. Today there is overwhelming evidence that AIDS was developed by American scientists for biological warfare and being actively used to achieve the objectives of GLOBAL 2000.

Here again we find another case of an old disease “which has laid dormant for centuries in the jungles of Africa ” and then suddenly emerges . This virus is said to usually infect pigs and monkeys but the strain gripping Zaire is now turning human flesh to pulp in an epidemic potentially more gory than AIDS. It’s ferocity has given it notoriety. It was considered the most deadly virus before the appearance of HIV, which causes AIDS. It leaves vile bodies in its wake — blood and body parts ooze from every orifice. Nevertheless European scientists do not fear a major epidemic outside the borders of the present region affected since in their view outbreaks burn themselves out quickly and victims don’t live long enough to pass it along and spark a new global plague.

Accounts of the death toll since the outbreak began in late March have been conflicting. The Zairian secretary-general for health, Lonyangela Bompenda, confirmed 28 deaths from the virus. In Washington, State Department spokesman David Johnson said as many as 100 people have died, including at least a dozen health care workers. The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed 49 cases including 27 deaths. Dr. Julia Weeks, an American on a committee of Zairian and foreign officials coordinating a response to the disease, gave a lower death toll than WHO, saying as of Thursday 35 people had been killed and another 15 were infected. Another 11 cases are suspected but unconfirmed. Doctors Without Borders reported from Brussels, Belgium, that 170 people had died , but later backed down from this figure.


Most of the confirmed cases were in Kikwit, with one case each in the villages of Mosango and Yassa Bonga. Health experts were trying to determine whether the disease had spread to a third village, Kenge, about halfway between Kikwit and the capital, Kinshasa, 370 miles to the west.

Nearly two-thirds of the victims reported so far worked in Kikwit’s hospital, including three Italian nuns. As usual, Europeans are panicking and are implementing emergency measures to test Africans at their ports of arrival and putting them into quarantine at the first sign of any symptoms.

The Hot Zone

“The only sound is a choking in his throat as he continues to vomit while unconscious,” Richard Preston wrote in his best-selling book “The Hot Zone” on deadly new viruses.

“Then comes a sounds like a bedsheet being torn in half, which is the sound of his bowels opening at the sphincter and venting blood. The blood is mixed with intestinal lining. He has sloughed off his gut. The lining of his intestines have come off and are being expelled along with huge amounts of blood.”

While the symptoms surpass any horror movie, the release in Britain of a new Dustin Hoffman film “Outbreak” chronicling a devastating viral epidemic has fuelled fears of a new killer to rival AIDS. Medical experts call the Hoffman thriller “science fiction.” But like today’s epidemic in central Africa, “Outbreak” is chilling fiction in Europe but a real nightmare for thousands of Africans who have been mentally prepared to believe that this is another of our diseases and we are the cause of our own destruction. In real life, the virus is what is termed a Level Four pathogen — a step up from the AIDS virus — and there is no known cure.

It is one of the most lethal viruses known to man and while deaths thus far have been relatively few and most experts say it does not compare to AIDS, its spread could yet be devastating.

Global 2000 or Global 1995

Clearly, these film directors and writers know something that we do not. They are able to accurately fantasize the emergence of these deadly viruses coming out of Africa. In the case of Outbreak, the timing is strangely accurate. The outbreak of the virus occurring while the promotion for the release of this film in Britain is in full swing.

One South African virologist was overcome with emotion as he explained that he knew this would happen again and that he had waited 20 years for it since he wasn’t able to visit the region during the 1976 outbreak. He had to reach Kikwit because he did not think he might get the opportunity to study this virus again.

As serious Pan Africanists fighting daily for the survival and development of the African race we are only too aware of the realities of African Genocide with the never ending wave of death and destruction. Too aware of the realities of Global 2000 which dictates on behalf of White supremacy that 2.4 billion people of colour will need to be removed from the face of the earth by the year 2000 in order for the earth’s resources to suffice white power.

In the case of Ebola, some white liberals contend that Africa’s inability to cope with the demands of modern development is partly responsible for the outbreak and rapid spread of these diseases.

It is no coincidence that the objectives of Global 2000 are being achieved in Africa at a frightening speed in 1995. There is more than coincidence involved with all the murder and genocide, killer diseases, Arab aggression and general depopulation of the continent. There is overwhelming evidence that the WHO was responsible for the spread of AIDS in Africa as a result of its vaccination program. But at the end of the day, it is their World Health Organization (WHO) that is running immunization programmes in Africa giving our people AIDS through infected needles. The WHO are one of the biggest players in the Ebola arena. It is interesting to note that Zaire was the most heavily immunized area in Africa, had the most numerous occurrence of AIDS and now is the area responsible for the outbreak of Ebola which is far deadlier that AIDS but in many ways behaves in a very similar manner. –

Ebola – Aids, the Sequel © 1995 World Is Africa, was first published by the PACM newsletter. This Article has also been published in the Eye of the Storm Newspaper. All Rights Reserved

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