The Power of Paper

“One of the most common ways government and corporate institutions rob, cheat and control us is with something called “default contracts”. Through our “silence” they presume authority to own us, our property, our wealth and our privacy. Sadly, our courts and statutes actually support this due to some odd contents of the Uniform Commercial Code…”
Note: The Gun, Statutes and Debt


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More than 100 Native American tribes have joined a protest in North Dakota against a major oil pipeline. As the the fight continues against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

“Why do you think that this has taken off and spoken to so many people from so many parts of the country?”. . .  “The Water . . . We know how precious the water is. We know that we must act for the Water.  And in returning we say that ‘Water Is Life’.  Every time we drink water we remind our selves how important the water is.”


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The Dakota Pipeline Protests

Liberia, Ethiopia, South Sudan…BLM and Dakota. Statists land grabs for corporate interests.

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North Dakota has had an oil boom!  In the US only Texas produces more oil.   Nearly 10,000 wells are now operating, and that number could rise to nearly 50,000.  The impact on the people living in North Dakota is ambiguous – but that’s a subject for a future post.

Recently the issue of how to get the oil to market has become salient.  Currently rail and truck transport are the means of getting the oil to refineries, but that’s expensive – and of course burns oil in the process.  The logical and seemingly compelling solution is to build a pipeline.  Let the oil flow from North Dakota, through South Dakota and Iowa to Illinois, where it can connect with existing pipelines.  Its capacity will be nearly 600,000 barrels of oil a day.

On the surface, it seems like a great plan.  Using less energy to get oil to refineries…

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People are now getting the “money out of thin” fraud. The more difficult mindtrap is the legal deceit used to subjugate us. It requires STUDY and COMPREHENSION!


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By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William

April 14, 2016


How does it feel to be the low man on the pole?  How does it feel to know you “offed” yourself, again and again after your mother abandoned you to the STATE?  First, your mother abandoned you at sea, then you failed and neglected to claim your Estate, then you signed for the DECEDENT as if it were you when you got licenses you don’t need, then you really botched your life/lives when you got a marriage license, turning yourselves into perjurers/frauds/fictions, consigning yourselves and offspring to the STATE.  To put icing on the pile of fraud/negotiable instruments you created, you signed your kids over to the STATE with BIRTH/BERTH CERTIFICATES when you abandoned those VESSELS at sea.

To make good and sure you totally convinced the Admiralty Maritime Courts that…

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The CDC medical police state: the right to detain anyone

The CDC liars and fraudsters demand your compliance using violence for Big Pharma

Jon Rappoport's Blog

The CDC medical police state: the right to detain anyone

by Jon Rappoport

September 5, 2016

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—Understand the implications of new CDC rules, if you want to know where the medical dictatorship is heading.

Arbitrary apprehension of citizens, detainment, forced medical treatment, vaccination.

Let me paint a scenario:

You live in a polluted city, so you have a low-level cough. On your flight to another state, the cough becomes worse because the air in the plane cabin is foul. Unknown to you, a passenger complains to a flight attendant. The passenger is a typical meddler. When you arrive at your destination, a health-agency employee is waiting at the gate for you. He apprehends you and takes you to a room, to decide whether you have a communicable disease. His first standard question—are you up to date on your…

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