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COVID Pandemic: A Fabricated Reality

The COVID Pandemic has been largely achieved by the falsification of the existence of a virus and the existence of a test (RT-PCR) that can detect the non-existent virus. The solution to this fabricated pandemic is a vaccine for a non-existent virus

The EU Corporatist Racket – UK Column

Published on 24 Mar 2016
Empire Building Under The Radar: How Europe Uses Its External Action Service.
In his book, Professor John McCormick draws the conclusion that Europe might be a superpower, but it doesn’t threaten or cajole. Perhaps he needs take a good look at the EEAS. The title of ‘Spokesman for the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy’ probably provides the best starting point to see exactly how the EEAS is used as a tool for empire building.

DHS intelligence assessment highlights threat posed by sovereign citizen groups

Sovereign citizens have killed NO one nor enabled mass murder.
Sovereign citizens have NOT committed or benefited from Forex, Libor, commodities, mortgage or money laundering frauds.
Sovereign citizens have NOT fabricated evidence to support climate change, vaccines or GMO benefits.
They have NOT poisoned the land with depleted Uranium, roundup, agent-orange or GMO.
Sovereign citizens have NOT demanded anyone poison their earthly bodies with vaccines to profit corporations.
Sovereign citizens have NOT signed secret treaties to enslave humanity to mindless profit AT any cost zombies.
Sovereign citizens have sought the truth and rejected whore-media.
They are not guilty of these major and current crimes but are more dangerous than jihadists and militia groups.
Indeed being a Sovereign citizen is not good for your health.

Random Candidate

“In a 2014 survey of state and local law enforcement agencies, leaders of these agencies listed members of sovereign citizen groups as the top domestic terror threat, ahead of foreign Islamist or domestic militia groups.”

I suppose that makes me safe from persecution:  I’m an sovereign anti-citizen.  (And I sure don’t have a group.)

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US FoodAid – 58.6% spent on Red Tape according to Oxfam


Note: The systemic issues underlying poverty, inequality like education, health, corruption, legislation (red tape) and outright corporate fraud as seen in Mining, Oil, Banking, Pharma and Biotech all ignored for the fairy panacea of vaccines and GMO.
Why mining and Oil? The extractive industries are special in their ability to foster the protection of “national interests” and therefore rapacious practices.
TTIP and TPP are further examples of entrenching psychopathic corporate greed and control over people via government violence – global fascism.

TTIP: A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Published on Aug 29, 2014
Alarm bells on ISDS are ringing this loud for a reason: ISDS allows foreign firms to bypass domestic courts and sue governments (hence citizens, through taxes) directly in private trade tribunals if they feel that a government’s action can unfairly diminish future returns on their investments.

Until recently, ISDS provisions mostly featured in bilateral state-to-state investment treaties, and were designed to offer investors protection from actions by governments in countries with legal systems perceived to be poorly developed…

The truth behind the secret TTIP trade deal

Published on Jan 29, 2015
The Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (or TTIP) is called a “trade treaty”. But if agreed, the TTIP would actually hand corporations the power to overturn democratically decided laws, on everything from environmental protections to food safety, through a system of regulatory cooperation and secret courts that only corporations would have access to.

Sign the petition against TTIP here:http://action.sumofus.org/a/stop-ttip-eci/

If you want to find out more about regulatory cooperation, visit http://www.stop-ttip.org/regcoop

Four Horsemen – Feature Documentary – Official Version

Published on Sep 13, 2013
FOUR HORSEMEN is an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works.

“…A predatory capitalists truest enemy (as exemplified by corporate/oligarchic greed) and humanites greatest ally is the self-educated individual, who has read, understands, delays their gratification and walks around with their eyes wide open”

– War
– Conquest
– Famine
– Death

Revelations From The Torture Report – CIA Lies, Nazi Methods And The $81 Million No-Bid Torture Contract


One of the greatest propaganda successes of the consolidated and corporate owned mainstream media in the US. has been the ability to convince many naive Americans that people with fascist tendencies do not exist in our society, and it they do, they certainly don’t occupy the highest halls of power.

In the context of Ebola in West Africa now and any expected (planned) future outbreak, we have heavily edited documentation of the total moral vacuum that exists in western political/military leadership. A mirror of the psychopathy of the banking and corporate elite as exemplified by Glencore, GSK, Eli Lilly and Monsanto.

Agenda 21 Alert: NGO, Foundations,Corporations

Agenda 21 Alert: Public Private Partnerships (Part 1 Of 2)

Agenda 21 Alert: Public Private Partnerships (Part 2 Of 2)

Unholy trinity – Government – Corporation – NGO/Foundation
Public-Private partnerships are how corporations take control of government assets
Why does it matter? It is a global agenda prioritizing corporate profits over public good.Global corporate fascism
Ditto Ebola profiteering involving global medical public/private partnerships.