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Activistpost: Viruses And The GM Insect “Flying Vaccine” Solution

DECEMBER 13, 2010
Brandon Turbeville

“…The basic premise behind the flying mosquito vaccines is that an insect will be genetically modified to produce antibodies to a certain disease in their saliva, which is then transmitted to the individual when the mosquito bites them.
There is a host of problems with this method that range from the moral to the scientific. First, the presence of antibodies does not necessarily mean immunity, and the transfer of them does not in any way provide immunization to the subject being injected with them. The science related to antibodies and immunity is still largely unsettled. Vaccines, themselves, are completely ineffective and have never been proven effective by a study that was not connected to a drug company or a pharmaceutical company.[1] They are, essentially, faith-based medicine…”

Full Article: Viruses And The GM Insect “Flying Vaccine” Solution

Oxitec GM Insect products

Bloomberg: Oxitec productsBloomberg: Oxitec products
Aedes aegypti OX513A, a bisex RIDL strain for genetic backgrounds in Asia and Latin America

OX3604C, a female-flightless RIDL strain for genetic backgrounds in Mexico

Aedes albopictus OX3688, a female-flightless RIDL strain for genetic backgrounds in Asia

Diamondback Moth OX4319L, a fluorescent marker to identify the Oxitec moths and distinguish them from wild ones

Pink bollworm OX1138, a fluorescent marker that glows red when viewed under certain filters.

Pink bollworm OX3402, a fluorescent marker that offers a replacement to irradiation for sterilization of the moths

Medfly OX3864A, a female-specific strain, which enables separation of the sexes to allow male release by removal of the supplement from the diet of the final release generation.

Mexfly OX3097B, a female specific Oxitec strain that provides female lethality in the absence of a dietary supplement by permitting a male-only release in the final release generation

Olive fly OX3713A, a female-specific Oxitec strain, which provides separation of the sexes to allow a male release.

Aedes aegypti OX513A

Product profile
OX513A is a bisex RIDL strain. Males are released to mate with wild females. The progeny of such matings die as late larvae or pupae. Continual releases of sufficient numbers of RIDL males will reduce the target population to below the level needed to transmit disease. The late lethality means that RIDL larvae compete with wild-type larvae for resources,adding to the overall effectiveness of control. Before release, male and female pupae are separated mechanically, exploiting the fact that they are naturally significantly different in size. The strain contains the DsRed marker which is clearly visible in larvae, a useful tool for quality control in production and effective monitoring in the field. OX513A is available in Asian and Latin American genetic backgrounds.

OX513A has regulatory approvals for import and contained testing in Brazil, Cayman Islands, France, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, USA and Vietnam. Open field trials have taken place in both Grand Cayman and Malaysia, and are currently also underway in Brazil.