Walter Hallstein: Nazi Legalese practitioner and founding father of the E.U.

The “honourable” gang members of parliament are back from their Easter break, so we need to remind ourselves of the nature of the EU superstate and why their supplicant behaviour is treacherous.

Walter Hallstein was a German academic, diplomat, and politician. He was the first president of the Commission of the European Economic Community and one of the founding fathers of the European Union. – wikipedia

Walter_Hallstein-Nazi 1st president of the EU

Walter was a member of many leading Nazi organizations the most significant of
which were the National Socialists university lecturers association and the National
Socialist League for protection of the law.
These organizations cater to committed members of the Nazi Party – officially the National Socialist German Workers’ Party

Furthermore we have Walter’s ‘Conquest Speech’ given in Rostock, Germany, on 23 January 1939, of which I have some excerpts:

“The Creation of the Greater German Reich is:
A political fact, a ‘Fuehrer Act’ of Epochal Dimension;
One of those Acts that change the Landscape of History and fulfill an old Longing of the People;
An Economic Event of sheer unimaginable consequences;
An event of exceptional significance from the perspective of the History of the Law.”

“The failure to put this law into action is one of the unfinished tasks and failures of the Second German Reich.”

“The Law for the Protection of the German Blood and the German Honor

More can be found in the book The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU

As we describe in our book, The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU, the key architects of the so-called ‘European Union’ were recruited from among the same technocrats who had previously designed the plans for a post-WW2 Europe under the control of the Nazi/IG Farben coalition. Based on literally tens of thousands of historical documents obtained by our Foundation from international archives, the growing global awareness of the facts means that the Brussels EU “experiment” is effectively now over

22 thoughts on “Walter Hallstein: Nazi Legalese practitioner and founding father of the E.U.

    1. Dr. BRAMHALL , My site has been taken out. Suspended, violation of terms….my last lost must have hit the funny bone, finally. Any suggestions?


  1. Dr. BRAMHALL , My site has been taken out. Suspended, violation of terms….my last lost must have hit the funny bone, finally. Any suggestions?


    1. Yikes, I suspect it’s only a matter of time for my blog, as well. Here are some alternatives I checked out for another blogger who lost her site:

      I found some interesting alternatives at

      Of these LiveJournal is the most interesting – as it’s Russian owned (it used to be American owned)

      Other good possibilities are Yola, Hubpages, Contentful,,, Weebly, Ghost.

      Svbtle is an option if you’re willing to pay $6 a month.

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      1. Thanks so much, i do not have a response from them. Pleaaw aunaceine to my YouTube channel, I have archived most videos in playlists. Puppet Masters Slave Market Hunter.
        One other coincidence today the County Prosecutors office informed me they filed a motion to have my firearms permit revoked. I will need to wait on the subpoena or summons or whatever to learn more, she said get a lawyer, I said no Thank you .So I will be fighting for my integrity a d constitutional rights. WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR, BOY O BOY AM I READY TO EXTENDED ORAL ARGUEMENTS….. or am I


      2. Can you help me , they will say I am emotionally disturbed , deranged disturbed….or…etc in anyway unfit to possess a firearm. Ill find out why when I am served. Kind of blind sided, now. I have neen crafting notes . Seems as I am being politically punished for my 1st ammendment excercise, with a denial that of my 2nd ammendment right to self defense. It is the duty of every citizen to oppose tyranny and keep officials on their own toes not stepping on ours, and its always the same result, when people cannot stand the burden of oppression , a leader arises from obscurity and the destiny of an Empire or nation or group has manifested all its hope in a new ideal, nitbit is the same old world order but a new gloss coat,oss feednack loop


      3. I wish I could but I gave up my medical license several years ago because it was too expensive to maintain. I think your best bet is to demand the court pay for an independent psychiatric evaluation from someone who supports 2nd amendment rights. Perhaps do your research before hand so you have a name to give them.


      4. Thank you , as I know they will attempt to put the burden on me to prove I am NOT crazy at my expense prior to them even considering NOT revoking my firearms permit . What a mess. Thank you very much, Dr.




      6. Some useful background material on western BAR courts:

        “All administrative law, all public statute law and all court rules and procedures of the present Roman system depend and rest upon the presence of a legal person, also known as a statutory person or surrogate person or at least the effective control of the person.

        Now if the person present for a matter of controversy within one of the private BAR courts of the private BAR guilds is not a legal person but superior person that does not agree to surrender its authority to the court, then the court has a problem

        Now names such as employee, citizen, taxpayer, driver, employer, recipient are some of the hundreds of terms used within public statutes to describe quote unquote legal persons.”

        A hint to avoid this, is to assert that you are acting as Propria Persona.
        – acting on one’s own behalf, generally used to identify a person who is acting as his/her own attorney in a lawsuit.

        See upload for the full audio by Frank O’collins – Ucadia: Agents 2
        Unfortunately most of Frank’s excellent material has been purged from the internet, some remnants remain on youtube.


      7. No audio upload allowed unless I upgrade to premium account.
        Please bear with me I will find a solution and post the link below


      8. I thought WordPress was immune but I suppose as there monetise our blogs, it is not too surprising.
        I will start archiving my blog and post in parellel on alternative platforms


      9. Today, I have exported all my content and media (images)

        Exporting WP Blog Content
        My Sites > Settings > General > Site Tools > Export > Export your content
        My Sites > Settings > General > Site Tools > Export > Export media library


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