OPINION: Time for a Coalition of disenfranchised vulnerable Britannia

The Slog

win_20190127_120025  We should all be grateful to the Establishment for their antics over the last two weeks, for they have made one thing crystal clear: they all want a superstate solution to their problems, and care not a fig whether this addresses our problems or not. Every tribal voter in the land must surely now recognise the blindingly obvious fact there is nothing to choose between the Tories or Labour: only their total destruction at the ballot box will do if basic British Civil Rights are to survive. The Slog has a second go at arguing the case for a broad coalition beyond just Brexit.


The Teacher’s Pet in the Elysée Palace – himself unable to visit any French city now without 40,000 Gilets Jaunes descending on his head – has been doing a pitiful De Gaulle impression in the run-up to tonight’s 967th Summit on Brexit. But a…

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