Trump and AIPAC – the litmus test

The warmongering record of Republican and Democratic parties from Bush I to Obama is repugnant. The pretender Obama promised a rollback from war, detentions without trial. The Nobel peace prize winner was actually a wolf in black sheep clothing.

In that light, establishment candidates Hilary and Jeb can be written off as more of the same global disaster – war, bankster fraud, global corporatism, food and medical monopolies, surveillance, migrations, in short oligarchal control of the world.

It was no surprise that Hilary Clinton attended and presented herself as the expected friend of this lobby.

Bernie Sanders had “other engagements” that prevented his attendance at AIPAC, bearing in mind his jewish faith, you could take the view that his attendance would work against him.

A few commentators have noted Trump’s usefullness in exposing some issues like immigration and trade agreements but have been wary of endorsing him. Others have gone all in, stating Trump is the real deal.

Take Trump and his AIPAC teleprompter speech, it cannot be intended to reconcile or resolve the conflict in the middle east. It paints a big target on Iran for the benefit of Israel.

If Trump is “only saying that to get support”, why will that not apply to your vote, your support? What makes your vote or support immune from betrayal?

As much as I value the diversity of opinions, Trump’s prostration before the jewish lobby is a litmus test of integrity. He failed!

Why? The pro-Israel narrative is the dominant narrative in western media (US, UK, EU). Trump has made a show of railing against MSM. It was marketing gold. The media matrix increased their ratings on attacking him and hosting Trump debates.

The straight talking swagering cowboy was tamed. He had to use a teleprompter to stay on point and not shoot from the hip! That is a clear indication of the high stakes. His kneeling before this lobby exposes the fragmented nature of the voting public which causes politicians old and new to essentially lie to get votes.
Are the desires of AIPAC in alignment with the anti-immigration, anti-too-big-to-fail Trump supporters?

The credibility of bloggers, talking heads, alternative media will be enhanced or destroyed by their position on Trump. Trump’s visit and speech will serve as the litmus test.

For the record, on Tuesday 22nd March 2016, I am stating that he (Trump/Drumpf) is not the real deal!

7 thoughts on “Trump and AIPAC – the litmus test

  1. Israel owned Wall Street is angry because they know if they tank wall street again for profit and political advantages, bernie sanders will become president in a heartbeat..and there will be no bailouts..and the”too big to fail” banks will be broken..regardless if bernie wins the democratic party nomination (probably wont because the cheatin clintons will do anything to win) or not, he has started a revolution with his very simple message..and will probably take 10 years to sink into think americans’ thick skulls…Aipac is CANCER

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  2. I really wonder if the whole Trump campaign isn’t a dirty tricks ploy run by the Clinton campaign. He is the ‘bull in the china shop’ for the GOP who has run away with the press coverage and knocked many contenders out of the running. Recall the large list of early candidates and how quickly it was narrowed by Trump.

    In this e-mail, even though it isn’t about Trump, Hillary team strategy is to divide opposition and win that way. Similar to England and the mid-East in the early days of oil production.

    The e-mail is here –

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    1. If the idea was put forward without the email evidence, it would be considered a conspiracy theory. Hilary and Trump working together behind the scenes?
      From what I have seen of Trump’s egotism, being the stalking horse for Hilary just does not ring true for me. Imagine this scenario:

      Hilary: Look here Donald, I want you to take out that low energy Bush and wreck as much damage as you can in the GOP. What’s in it for you? Name it?

      Trump: You mean win the GOP nomination but lose to you? Not happening baby. I can win this. I can take the job and get everything I want.

      Trump: [on cellphone] Get the team together, we can beat Hilary. I can become the greatest president ever. i will make America great again!

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      1. That could be true – I think you are right….
        but about 30% of me thinks this way –

        Trump and Bill trade kids from Epstien’s girl stable and Hillary helps
        with state dept. (Brussels branch?) issuing kiddie meat passports for
        international travel.
        Trump palsy-walsy with Bush-Clinton-Skull&Bones to be on insiders’ club.
        Casinos and resorts are great money laundries.
        Resorts also afford great ability to do the badger game — hiding cameras in
        rooms of guests to gather blackmail material for future use.
        see –

        Trump gets postponed “reward” in friendly-to-casinos Supreme Court picks and
        slush fund cash from drug laundry, HSBC (Hillary ‘charity’ money manager).

        More (runaway post I made about Epstein)

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      2. Good link:

        “…With regard to the leading Republican candidate for the U.S. Presidency, Donald Trump and Trump family names, according to Juan Lankamp, appear in convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s address book. Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and UK Prince Andrew have all been identified as closely involved with Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile ring.

        Moreover, Resorts International, the corporation that is behind Donald Trump in his casino projects was established and controlled by front men for the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and their “enforcers” in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its allied intelligence agency, Israel’s Mossad. Donald Trump was in fact a front man for the Resorts International operation, which remains, a Rockefeller-Rothschild-CIA operation.”

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  3. I totally agree with you…Trump is a Hillary puppet just like Ross Perot was a Bill Clinton puppet..Cheating Bill Clinton never won with 50% of the vote because Ross Perot’s stole many votes from Bush Sr. in ’92 and then Dole ’96…Trump will do the same for Hillary…the only difference is Trump came in as a republican and will destroy the GOP forever…or, in your words, “the bull in a china shop”..


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