From bribing, to money laundering, to rigging Libor, to mass fraud in the subprime mortgage markets and now the forex markets — it’s one mass crime after another, and there are no consequences… | Democracy Now!

The central fraud of private central banks counterfeiting money, gives them a perpetual get out of jail card. Born of fraud and deceit, perpetuated by fraud and deceit, enforced with legal rules/codes and state violence. Larken Rose put it nicely, what use is debt or money on an island of survivors? WE DO NOT NEED BANKSTERS, THEY NEED US. THEY ARE PARASITES!


via From bribing, to money laundering, to rigging… | Democracy Now!.

Matt Taibbi, award-winning journalist with Rolling Stone magazine. Watch his interview on Democracy Now! today on the five banks that plead guilty to massive financial crimes.

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