Ebola treatment centre for pregnant women opens


The medical charity Medicines Sans Frontieres has opened its first Ebola treatment centre specialising in care for infected pregnant women.

MSF says the death rate for expectant mothers is extremely high, and health workers treating them, particularly during childbirth or miscarriage, are especially vulnerable to catching the virus.

It’s been erected at the site of one of the city’s most prestigious secondary schools, Methodist Boys High School, in Kissy.

The classrooms are empty – schools have been closed for months. The playing area is now home to MSF’s sixth treatment centre in Sierra Leone. When it is fully operational, it will have 80 beds, and a special focus on treating pregnant women suspected or confirmed to have Ebola.
Lumatu may not realise it, but she is a very special Ebola survivor. Not only does she now have some immunity to the virus, which is why she can safely look after Mamusu, but she is also one of only a handful of people in the world known to have recovered from Ebola while being pregnant.

Full BBC Article

Note: Immunity without vaccine or GMO drugs. She started feeling better as soon as she started getting hydrated. That is the line of enquiry these Medical priests at WHO, MSF, UNICEF and Red Cross should be pursuing.
Why did Lumatu’s immune system recover so well? Their answer will of course be, well vaccines will give that immunity. NOT!

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