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Paradise Stolen – The Myth of Overpopulation

Note: This blogger agrees with the sentiment of the videos. The turds actively managing the dysfunctional system are the problem but we must understand our participation and consent.
Imagine what happens when you actively remove your consent and even death will not compel you to comply or co-operate.
Deceit and violence ONLY tools left as evidenced every day globally!
– Deceit and fraud of GMO pushers like Monsanto (ask Patrick Moore to drink safe Glyphosate or Monsanto’s fraudulent court activity in Maui)
– Deceit and fraud of vaccines – why are the vaccinated (armed), fearful of the unvaccinated (unarmed)?
– Deceit and violence of the false war on terror – mechanism of control and repression
– Deceit of banking – a tiny group fabricates “out of thin air” money which humanity has to repay?
– Deceit of the legal system – Royalty, ruling turds are outside of or superior in, their legal guilds.
– Deceit and compliance by phone manufacturers in eviscerating the privacy of users.

Rich Eugenicists Meet in Secret 11-29-2010

Uploaded on Nov 30, 2010

FreeinTX discusses the recent get together held by a number of the richest EUGENICISTS in the world. Bill and Melinda Gates, T. Boone Pickens, Warren Buffet, and Ted Turner (among others).

When people meet in secret and conspire to reduce the world population by 1 person it is called MURDER. When they discuss killing 3 BILLION people, its MASS MURDER, GENOCIDE, and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

When they actively participate in carrying out their plans, it gives us the authority to arrest them, charge them, prosecute them, convict them, punish them, and take everything they have!
When can you start?

Globalists press for protection for Big Pharma should Ebola vaccines have dangerous side effects

David Cameron has put forward plans at the G20 summit in Australia for an indemnity fund to protect pharmaceutical companies developing new drugs which might turn out to have dangerous side-effects.
In addition, a World Bank emergency pandemic fund is being proposed, to respond more quickly to disease outbreaks.

Criminals! David Cameron is now publicly implicated in pharma fraud by agreeing to indemnify pharmaceutical companies against releasing dangerous medical products.