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Ebola: British patient has been evacuated from Sierra Leone

A British military healthcare worker who tested positive for Ebola is being flown to the UK for treatment.

Two of her colleagues are also being flown back as a precaution in case the infection has been passed on through close contact. They have not been diagnosed with Ebola.

A further two colleagues are being assessed in Sierra Leone, and may be flown back in the future

The three being flown to the UK today will be taken to the special isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

Dr Ben Neuman, a virologist at the University of Reading, said flying the patient back to the UK offered the best chance of recovery.

“The Royal Free Hospital has a 100% record in treating Ebola cases so far, let’s hope that doesn’t change.

“While the new batch of ZMapp is not yet available, she could be treated with favipiravir, which has shown some early promising results in West African Ebola clinics.

“She may also be given antibody-rich serum from Ebola survivors to knock down the amount of virus in her blood while her immune system is learning to fight Ebola.”

Note: You have to ask the question, are favipirarir, ZMapp and Blood serum only available in the UK? Why are these protocols NOT available on site even if restricted?
What procedures are available in the Royal Free Hospital that are NOT available on-site in Sierra Leonne? No invasive surgical procedures are being performed unless you count an IV drip as surgical, it is supportive/recuperative care.
In a nutshell tell me what to do and give me the drugs to do it, so location does not matter! Right?

Updated 13/03/2015