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The Rule Of Law No Longer Exists In Western Civilization — Paul Craig Roberts


We were able to demonstrate that Sir Thomas More’s warning about prosecutors and courts disregarding law in order to more easily convict undesirables and criminals has had the result of turning law away from being a shield of the people and making it into a weapon in the hands of government

I can attest with full confidence that the United States no longer has a rule of law. The USA is a lawless country. By that I do not mean what conservative Republicans mean, which is, if I understand them, that racial minorities violate law with something close to impunity.

What I mean is that only the mega-banks and the One Percent have legal protection, and that is because these people control the government. For everyone else law is a weapon in the hands of the government to be used against the American people

American justice is a joke. It does not exist. You can see this in the American prison population. “Freedom and Democracy” America not only has the largest percentage of its population in prison than any country on the planet, but also the largest number of prisoners.

If you consider that “authoritarian” China has four times the population of the United States but fewer prisoners, you understand that “authoritarian” China has a more protective rule of law than the United States.

Compared to “freedom and democracy America,” Russia has hardly anyone in prison. Yet, Washington and its media whores have defined the President of Russia as “the new Hitler.”

The only thing we can conclude from the facts is that the United States Government and those ignorant fools who worship it are evil incarnate.

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New Zealand – Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Download a Zip file of all 30 Chapters (excluding Annexes) [ZIP, 3.15MB]
The text of the TPP was released by TPP Parties on 5 November 2015 and can be accessed by Chapter below. Legal verification of the text will continue in the coming weeks

EU Parliament backs TTIP resolution


The resolution was approved by the majority of the parliament with 436 ‘Yes’ votes coming up against 241 ‘No’ votes in Strasbourg on Wednesday in hopes of influencing the TTIP negotiations between European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmstrom and the USA. Washington insists that for negotiations to be successful a dispute body must be incorporated into the final agreement.

The resolution, introduced by European Parliament President Martin Schulz, seeks to replace the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism a new “more transparent” system of dispute resolution instead of using private arbitration panels to challenge government in a trade disagreements.

The vote signals “that the old system of investor-state dispute settlement should not and cannot be reproduced in TTIP,” Malmstrom said in a statement.

This system should be “subject to democratic principles and scrutiny”, in which disputes are processed “in a transparent manner”, by “publicly appointed, independent professional judges” and “in public hearings”. It should include “an appellate mechanism,” respect the jurisdiction of EU and member state courts and ensure that private interests “cannot undermine public policy objectives”, says the text.
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Obama: ‘ TPP No Ordinary Trade Deal its Meant to Undermine China’s Position ‘

Why would anyone believe a pathological liar like Obama?
This is the same conman-in-chief that passed TPA under the smokescreen of the Charleston church shooting then faked sincerity with his amazing grace singing at the memorial.

Concerns about China?
Who moved production to China? Oh yes US corporations?
Who are the PRIMARY beneficiaries of TPP, TTIP, TISA? Again Corporations.
Has it NOT been the west that has been transferring and building up China capabilities.
Has the “market” not been predicting and moving to profit from the financial rise of China?
Ask Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros, are they invested in China? Damn right!We don’t buy the bullshit about China being a threat economically or militarily.

TPP, TTIP are about a small cabal of anglo-saxon/khazarian hegemony over humanity using state and corporate legal fictions.

RINF: TTIP in the EU: Rejecting Democracy at Every Turn


With less than 24 hours to the vote, Parliament President Shultz and Lange used technicalities to pull the vote entirely. The real reason was that they could not control which way MEPs might vote, in particular there was increasing support for removing ISDS entirely

TTIP is being negotiated in secret. Our elected representatives in the House of Commons are not allowed to see the draft negotiating texts. Our elected representatives in the European parliament had to hold a demonstration in the European Parliament before being granted permission to see these texts in January this year. Even now they can only see the texts in a locked room if they have removed any possible recording devices, including their mobile phones, and signed a 14-page agreement to keep the contents secret.

Note: Africa, Asia and Latin America, observe the hypocrisy in the trade agreement voting. Secrecy and subversion. The conduct of the US and EU in pushing these trade agreements is clear evidence in its own right of the malevolence of the benefactors of the agreements.