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Billy Gates removed from Brexit Campaign site

Note: It would seem that Billy Boy Gates (Gatinski) has been removed from “EU REFERENDUM: WHAT EXPERTS SAY” site.
Why? Possibilities that come to mind are, the strongerin.co.uk site choose to remove him or Billy requested removal. Well, let us ask a few questions about another IN (remain/stay) supporter, Richard Branson. Is Richard Branson, another pretentious lying corporate pirate, deluding his employees and customers with feigned concern for their welfare? Does Richard Branson dream about TPP/TTIP and ISDS? Is Richard Branson on board concerning the corrupt lobby friendly superstate that is the EU?

Victor Mroczka – USTR Trade Remedies

LinkedIn Profile

Director of Trade Remedies, WTO & Mulilateral Affairs
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR)
Victor Mroczka
Victor Mroczka was recently appointed to serve as the Director of Trade Remedies, WTO & Mulilateral Affairs at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR). In this position, Mroczka will formulate and develop U.S. policy positions on international trade and investment issues as they relate to trade remedies, in particular antidumping and safeguards, and competition policy; participate in the formulation of negotiating positions and tactics to be taken by the U.S. government on a variety of trade issues during negotiations; prepare Congressional testimony, briefing materials, summary statements and speeches for the USTR and other senior executives; explain and defend the Administration’s trade policies to foreign governments, the public, the press, and the Congress. Prior to joining USTR, Mroczka was International Trade Counsel at Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP.
LinkedIn Profile