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UK Establishment statistics and COVID-19 Excrement

Guess how many people died over the last 12 months from influenza and Pneumonia?

26395! Yes over 24K over the last 12 months. Thats 2K per month.

What do they claim COVID-19 causes? Pneumonia leading to Acure Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

As of the 31st March 2020, the official stats say 2137 deaths were blamed on COVID-19 by the UK medical establishment

Figure 4_ The number of deaths in the year-to-date was lower than the five-year average

Even RT failed on French Election stats

le monde.fr
In every election since 1965 according to the above image, the “blank” vote was higher in the 2nd round. So to see figures quoted of 66% and 34% conveniently ignores abstentions and blank votes.

Typically since 1965, we see double the blank votes in the 2nd round This would generate a figure of 5.2%. If however the blank votes were significant, say 10% or more, the claim of 66% winning margin becomes even more untenable.
Once the official figures are available, I will revisit the table below.

Number % Of registrants % Of voters
Registerered 47 581 118
Abstentions  ??
Voters  ??  ?? 100,00
Blank ?? ?? ??
Nuls* (dummies??) ?? ?? ??
Expressed ?? ?? ??