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Ebola diary: ‘There are reports of people disappearing into the forest to die’

Day two

Sierra Leone has its first-ever call centre. The number to reach it is 117.

It’s a tough one, because that call leads to quarantined homes and holding centres for people with suspected Ebola, where people who do have the virus are sharing rooms with those who eventually turn out to have something else. There’s a real possibility you could go in with malaria and pick up Ebola. It is in the public interest that you make that call. But it is hardly surprising if some people hesitate and others run and hide.

In the offices of the British Council, which like so many other public buildings in Freetown has been commandeered in wartime fashion for the campaign against the deadly enemy within, is Victoria Parkinson of the Africa Governance Initiative, set up by Tony Blair. It has for some years been supplying advisers to the governments of six countries, including all three now devastated by Ebola – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

MSF has great experience, having responded to every previous Ebola epidemic in Africa.

They are afraid they will be taken away to treatment centres and never see their families again. There are reports of people disappearing into the forest because they’d rather die with their family than be taken into a treatment site.”

Africa Governance Initiative
AGI works in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria and Senegal at present, with new countries on the horizon. We work at two levels: At the political leadership level, Tony Blair draws on his ten years as Prime Minister to offer leaders the kind of advice on reform that only someone who has stood in a leader’s shoes can give. At the same time our teams, based permanently in each country, work shoulder-to-shoulder with counterparts to put in place the ‘nuts and bolts’ needed to get things done

Note: This is the same Tony Blair still lying about the Iraq war and the reasons the west invaded, destroyed and poisoned Iraq with depleted uranium weapons. Tony Blair as the Middle East envoy has brought peace and stability to the region!

New 15-minute test for Ebola to be trialled in Guinea


The 15-minute Ebola test is six times faster than similar tests currently in use and aims to speed up the diagnosis of Ebola cases. Early detection of Ebola leads to better infection control as medical staff can identify and isolate confirmed cases of Ebola faster, and start treating patients sooner. Ultimately, a faster test could reduce Ebola transmission and mortality.

The project is supported through a joint Department for International Development (DFID) and Wellcome Trust fund for rapid health research during the Ebola outbreak. The six projects are managed by Enhancing Learning & Research for Humanitarian Assistance (ELRHA).

The trial, led by researchers at the Pasteur Institute in Dakar, Senegal, will be deployed using a ‘mobile suitcase laboratory’ which is designed for low-resource settings. The portable laboratory includes a solar panel, a power pack and a results reader which is the size of a small laptop.

The reagents used in the test are available as dried pellets, which are ‘cold-chain-independent’, meaning that they can be used and transported at room temperature. Similarly to the tests currently in use, the new test detects the genetic material of the virus. The pilot trial will test whether the reagents are safe and effective to use with Ebola patients’ blood and saliva samples…

The Myth of Overpopulation in Africa and Global Medical fraud

The recent “Ebola outbreak” has brought to the fore the ongoing suspicions of a neo-colonial agenda in Africa.  We note the French presence in Mali under the pretext of fighting Islamic “terrorist” , the US pretext of Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria and Cameroun and the aborted “Arab springs” in Saharan Africa.

It is laughable to think that the US, UK, EU and its corrupt banking-military-industrial-pharma cartel care about 5 thousand African lives above their strategic military, financial and resource interests.

The inherent and fundamental fraud of global banking and their ability to print “money” into existence as the basis for physical asset seizures is now clear to even the most inattentive of people. The frauds keep coming from mortgages, securities, libor, forex, commodities and stocks. It could be argued, this banking corruption at the root of the global economy has compromised activities such as legal, civil, education, medical, military and industrial.

If there are any readers who do believe in the integrity of the above group, please post a comment on a recent criminal conviction of directors of said industries. Civil or commercial fines are NOT applicable. Continue reading The Myth of Overpopulation in Africa and Global Medical fraud

AFRICOM to deploy for Ebola care

US Africa Command (AFRICOM) is to set up a Joint Force Command headquartered in Liberia as part of American efforts to help West Africa counter a widespread outbreak of the Ebola virus, including deployment of about 3,000 US personnel.

More than 4,000 people are thought to have been infected, and more than 2,000 to have died, from the virus in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra Leone, with Liberia accounting for the most cases.

To help stop Ebola’s spread, the White House announced on 16 September that it had directed AFRICOM to establish a headquarters in Monrovia, Liberia, “to provide regional command-and-control support to US military activities and facilitate co-ordination with US government and international relief efforts”.

Note: The US had tried several times to move AFRICOM from Germany to Africa, it was rebuffed.If the US announces this as a permanent home, it would have achieved a long standing objective for AFRICOM in Africa.



There have been 14 413 reported Ebola cases in eight countries since the outbreak began, with 5177 reported deaths.
Country Cases/Deaths Mortality%
Guinea 1919/1166 60.8%
Liberia 6878/2812 40.9%
Sierra Leone 5586/1187 21.2%
Mali 4/3 75%
Nigeria 20/8 40%
Senegal 1/0 0%
Spain 1/0 0%
US 4/1 25%
Total 14413/5177 35.9%



A total of 13 268 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been reported in six currently affected countries (Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Spain, and the United States of America) and two previously affected countries (Nigeria, Senegal) up to the end of 4 November 2014.

There have been 4960 reported deaths.