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Brexit: Up yours EU!!

EU tip-toe to global slavery
Note: The sentiment is entirely mine. The EU is merely a step in the climb to control humanity for a tiny group’s own selfish, greedy psychopathic benefit!
The criminal ruling cabal has facilitated the monstrous corruption of many aspects of western endeavour. You name it? Religion, economics, medicine, health, food, housing, sovereignty, morality, politics, science, entertainment, gender, sexuality, education, politics, law, history, race relations…
To watch modern statists – Cameron, Corbyn, Blair, Major, Brown – hide or avoid the deceits of Ted Heath in hitching the UK to the globalist EU agenda is to invite contempt.

2 Doctors say hospital needs more volunteers


Dr. Dan Crawford… and Fankhauser will head to the Liberian capital of Monrovia to help Ebola-stricken patients and others seeking medical help.

The doctors are volunteers with Charlotte-based SIM USA, a Christian mission group that operates a 200-bed hospital in Monrovia, as well as a 50-bed isolation unit for Ebola patients.