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IHS – Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM)

IHS - Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) - NWO
IMAGE from Youtube:IHS – Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) – NWO
Note: Crown corporation is NOT the Crown of Queen Lizzy II. Queen Lizzy II heads the “Order of the Garter” linked to the Knights of Malta. Tony Blair, George Bush Snr, Nelson Mandela are Knights Malta.
We can use the graphic as a framework to understand and place the treasonous players and psycopaths regarding events.

In this light, we can make an assumption that leaders in any field will be appropriated as per JFK’s secrecy speech. The most obvious match to JFk’s reference are the freemasons and Vatican knights. The BAR guild of private legalese practioners are involved in global deceits. Their deceits bring into question all legal systems based on their franchise: US, Commonwealth. Their location in the City of London raises further questions concerning their alliance to the Vatican.

This brings to mind a question. Does Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Italy indicate he will soon become a Knight of Malta? According to the graphic the intelligence services are subservient to the Jesuit order, so why not appropriate the premier self-selected social surveillance network.
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Mark Zuckerberg’s book club fights US fear of vaccination


“The science is completely clear: vaccinations work and are important for the health of everyone in our community,” Zuckerberg wrote. “This book explores the reasons why some people question vaccines, and then logically explains why the doubts are unfounded and vaccines are in fact effective and safe.”

Note: Mr Zuckerberg is either lying about vaccines efficacy and safety, ignorant despite the book he recommends or captive to a belief in the integrity of large vaccine manufacturers.

Would Mr Zuckerberg like to sponser a global “live” discussion or debate on the safety, effectiveness, record of vaccines and if there are better alternatives to this practise?

A handful of lay-people and medically educated presenters would destroy the whole vaccine mind virus.
The truth needs no law, force, bribe or inducement to stand against a criminal, profiteering and deceitful industry. Get a sample of CDC liar in chief exposed by Rob Dew of Infowars

Dr. Anne Schuchat CDC Liar

Global Security Forum 2014: Expanded U.S. Engagement to Combat Ebola in West Africa

Tom Frieden
Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Anne A. Witkowsky
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Stability and Humanitarian Affairs
Ambassador Donald Lu
Deputy Coordinator for Ebola Response, U.S. Department of State
Jeremy Konyndyk
Director, Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, USAID
J. Stephen Morrison
Senior Vice President and Director, Global Health Policy Center, CSIS

Jeremy Konyndyk: “this is a disease that preys on poor health systems and weak government…

Excellent targets for the vulture capitalist!

Jeremy Konyndyk: “…National Medical Corp…risking their lives…in order to fight on National Security priority of the United States(??)”

Ambassador Donald Lu:
UK $320m
France $130m
EU $250M
Japan $145
China $130
World Bank $400
Africa Development Bank $150
IMF $130 in 0% loans
Paul Allen Foundation $100
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $50
Mark Zuckerberg $25m

Ambassador Donald Lu: UN needs $1.5billion until March 2015. They have collected/been pledged $787m