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Monstanto vs the world – How we will win the food war


The big idea that industrial producers in the food system want you to believe is that only they can produce enough for the future population (Peekhaus 2010). Thus non-industrial systems of farming, such as all those which use agroecological methods, or SRI, or are localised and family-oriented, or which use organic methods, or non-GMO seeds, cannot feed the world.

Note: The defunct and self serving solution of Bill Gates et al is more psyhcopathic corporatism of the food supply.

Who owns Kraft Foods?


…Find out who bought Kraft Foods…who holds a large position in Kraft Foods.

Fund Name Number of Shares Share Valuation As Of
STATE STREET CORPORATION 90.13M $3.43B March 31, 2012
Vanguard 75.64M $3.13B Sept. 30, 2012
Inves 37.31M $1.54B Sept. 30, 2012
Berkshire Hathaway 30.46M $1.26B Sept. 30, 2012
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO 26.14M $1.01B June 30, 2012
Wellington Management Company 24.64M $1.02B Sept. 30, 2012
Franklin Resources 22.10M $913.48M Sept. 30, 2012
GOLDMAN SACHS 18.99M $785.73M Sept. 30, 2012
Bank of America Corporation 16.14M $666.74M Sept. 30, 2012
Aberdeen Asset Management 15.76M $651.68M Sept. 30, 2012
Pershing Square Capital Management 15.51M $589.39M March 31, 2012
Montag & Caldwell 15.07M $623.08M Sept. 30, 2012
Geode Capital Management 13.03M $538.69M Sept. 30, 2012
OZ Management 11.45M $473.37M Sept. 30, 2012
Jennison Associates 11.07M $457.70M Sept. 30, 2012
Eagle Capital Management 10.63M $439.36M Sept. 30, 2012
Adage Capital Partners GP 9.51M $393.20M Sept. 30, 2012
TIAA-CREF Investment Management 9.44M $358.69M March 31, 2012
Manning & Napier Advisors 9.41M $316.03M Sept. 30, 2011
Ameriprise Financial 9.31M $359.81M June 30, 2012
Independent Franchise Partners 8.84M $365.71M Sept. 30, 2012
Scout Capital Management 8.50M $351.48M Sept. 30, 2012
Schafer Cullen Capital Management 8.41M $324.75M June 30, 2012
Legal & General 8.15M $337.18M Sept. 30, 2012
TCW 8.05M $306.08M March 31, 2012
Neuberger Berman 7.65M $316.15M Sept. 30, 2012
Westfield Capital Management Company 7.64M $315.74M Sept. 30, 2012


How Monsanto Keeps Halting GMO Labeling Despite Over 96% Approval

Monsanto’s dirty tricks explained

Are all of the major polling organizations in the country simply using incorrect statistical algorithms? Obviously, the answer instead lies in the dirty tricks (and even the mainstream media is now calling them out as such) used by mega biotech companies like Monsanto.

Outside of deeply manipulating vote counts, pro-GMO groups backed by Monsanto are already playing dirty and spreading what amounts to complete misinformation into the public spotlight. And they’re doing it with millions in funding. Checkout the details of who exactly is pumping cash into efforts to defeat your ability to know what you’re eating:

Monsanto – $7,100,500
DuPont – $4,900,000
Pepsi – $2,145,400
Bayer – $2,000,000
Dow – $2,000,000
BASF – $2,000,000
Syngenta – $2,000,000
Kraft Foods – $1,950,000
Coca-Cola – $1,455,500
Nestle – $1,315,600
General Mills – $1,135,000
ConAgra – $1,077,000
Kellogg’s – $790,000
Smithfield – $684,000

And here’s a list of companies that have supported Prop 37:
Mercola.com – $1,115,000
Nature’s Path – $610,000
Dr. Bronner’s – $369,000
Lundberg – $251,000
Udis/EarthBalance/Glutino – $102,000
Clif Bar- $100,000
Organic Valley – $100,000
Amy’s – $100,000
Annie’s – $50,000
Nutiva – $50,000
Frey Vineyards – $35,000

We can now see without any doubt that their “Our Pledge“, is nothing but a big pile of GMO bovine excrement:
Integrity is the foundation for all that we do. Integrity includes honesty, decency, consistency, and courage.

We will respect the religious, cultural, and ethical concerns of people throughout the world. The safety of our employees, the communities where we operate, our customers, consumers, and the environment will be our highest priority.