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What’s Really Going on at Fukushima?


Fukushima will likely go down in history as the biggest cover-up of the 21st Century. Governments and corporations are not leveling with citizens about the risks and dangers; similarly, truth itself, as an ethical standard, is at risk of going to shambles as the glue that holds together the trust and belief in society’s institutions. Ultimately, this is an example of how societies fail

Dr. Caldicott ended her speech on Sept. 2014 by saying: “In Fukushima, it is not over. Everyday, four hundred tons of highly radioactive water pours into the Pacific and heads towards the U.S. Because the radiation accumulates in fish, we get that too. The U.S. government is not testing the water, not testing the fish, and not testing the ambient air. Also, people in Japan are eating radiation every day.”

Note: There was concern about Ebola spreading beyond West Africa, what about radiated Japanese foods and products. Would criminals export contaminated cars, electronics and components?
W.H.O. seems very quiet on Fukishima but MERS in South Korea?

A Plague upon Humanity: The Secret Genocide of Axis Japan’s Germ Warfare Operation


In wartime Japan’s bid for conquest, humanity suffered through one of its darkest hours, as a hidden genocide took the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Cloaked in secrecy and protected under the banner of scientific study, the best and brightest of Japan’s medical establishment volunteered for a major initiative in support of the military that involved the systematic murder of Chinese civilians. With the help of the United States government, they were allowed to get away with it. Based on important original research, this book reveals as never before the full extent of this crime, in a story that is as compelling as it is terrifying.

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Nuclear Japan Official Trailer


NUCLEAR JAPAN is a documentary film directed by a 70-year-old lawyer with remarkable record of winning very high-profile cases who elucidates the controversial issue of nuclear power industry in Japan.

On March 11th, 2011, a massive earthquake hit East Japan, which caused a catastrophic accident in Tokyo Electric Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant. Radioactive materials were released from its four nuclear reactors, and they have contaminated the people’s land as well as ocean. Today, the effort to clean up the radioactive materials is still ongoing, only too little effect.

Note: Related to Ebola, vaccines and GMO insofar as we see another industry that puts profits before human or societal concerns. Sociopathy as proven time and time again by Pharma/Biotech!

Brings to mind the Native American Indian saying…
When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.


Interests relating to the life, body, soul, and lifestyle of an individual are fundamental to the individuality of each person, and the entirety of these can be considered to be personal rights. Personal rights are enshrined in the Constitution (Articles 13 and 25), are the foundation for people’s lives, and under the laws of our country there are no rights that have greater value.


TPP Page-picture
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is an ambitious, 21st century trade agreement that the United States is negotiating with 11 other countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam). When complete, TPP will unlock opportunities for American workers, families, businesses, farmers, and ranchers by providing increased access to some of the fastest growing markets in the world.

TPP will provide new market access for Made-in-America goods and services, strong and enforceable labor standards and environmental commitments, groundbreaking new rules on state-owned enterprises, a robust and balanced intellectual property rights framework, and a thriving digital economy. It will also include commitments that will improve the transparency and consistency of the regulatory environment to make it easier for small- and medium-sized businesses to operate across the region. By opening these new markets to American products, TPP will help ensure that we are not left behind by our competitors in a vital region of the world.

USTR is committed to providing the public with information on what we are working to achieve through TPP and this website includes a number of resources to find out more about TPP. Those resources include: a summary of U.S. objectives, updates on TPP negotiating rounds, blog posts on TPP-related issues, opportunities for you to share your comments on TPP, and much more.

FT – Record $9bn drug judgement

Published on Apr 8, 2014
Takeda has been fined $6bn over alleged health risks of its Actos diabetes treatment. Eli Lilly, its US partner, must pay $3bn. Lex’s Oliver Ralph and Robert Armstrong discuss whether the drugs companies can recover from such hefty penalties.

Note: These corporations in their remorseless pursuit of profit at the behest of their investors and board have lost any moral or social capital to lead or dictate to humanity what is in our best interests.

Global Security Forum 2014: Expanded U.S. Engagement to Combat Ebola in West Africa

Tom Frieden
Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Anne A. Witkowsky
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Stability and Humanitarian Affairs
Ambassador Donald Lu
Deputy Coordinator for Ebola Response, U.S. Department of State
Jeremy Konyndyk
Director, Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, USAID
J. Stephen Morrison
Senior Vice President and Director, Global Health Policy Center, CSIS

Jeremy Konyndyk: “this is a disease that preys on poor health systems and weak government…

Excellent targets for the vulture capitalist!

Jeremy Konyndyk: “…National Medical Corp…risking their lives…in order to fight on National Security priority of the United States(??)”

Ambassador Donald Lu:
UK $320m
France $130m
EU $250M
Japan $145
China $130
World Bank $400
Africa Development Bank $150
IMF $130 in 0% loans
Paul Allen Foundation $100
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $50
Mark Zuckerberg $25m

Ambassador Donald Lu: UN needs $1.5billion until March 2015. They have collected/been pledged $787m