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A solution for dealing with private debt-creating banksters

The solution for dealing with private debt-creating bankers is simple – there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to stop any sovereign government from issuing through its treasury its own debt-free and interestfree
money based on nothing more than the wealth and integrity of the nation.
This is the BIG SECRET that the City of London would rather keep to itself and not get out. If this simple fact were to become mainstream then people everywhere would simply walk away and the entire banking system would completely collapse.

Bring Back the Bradbury
Bradbury Pound Ebook
Note: So BRICS -Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa – if you still beholden to the Bank of International Settlement (BIS), you are NOT sovereign!

Globalist David Rockefeller Turns 100 YEARS OLD!

Note: Death panels, eugenics, population control for humanity but longevity for him, Billy Boy Gates, Georgie Soros and co. The evidence against your cabal of oligarchs is pretty damning.

US FoodAid – 58.6% spent on Red Tape according to Oxfam


Note: The systemic issues underlying poverty, inequality like education, health, corruption, legislation (red tape) and outright corporate fraud as seen in Mining, Oil, Banking, Pharma and Biotech all ignored for the fairy panacea of vaccines and GMO.
Why mining and Oil? The extractive industries are special in their ability to foster the protection of “national interests” and therefore rapacious practices.
TTIP and TPP are further examples of entrenching psychopathic corporate greed and control over people via government violence – global fascism.

500 US Blackwater (Academi) Mercenaries in Ukraine?

BlackListed News Article Link

German political and business consultant Michael Lüders in an interview with the TV channel Phoenix made this allegation: There are 500 mercenaries in Ukraine, all trained experts, requisitioned in cooperation between the United States and Ukraine.

The security firm Blackwater, also called Academi, is known for its top-secret orders in war zones. The units are perfectly trained and mostly ex-US military with high-level combat experience. At the same time they are themselves and their corporate boardroom closely intertwined with US military circles and even the presidential administration.

BlackListed News Article Link
German Link to BlackWater article

A Plan to Save Greece as the new Government confronts the Troika

Full Article at Case About Bird Flu

As the newly-elected Greek government prepares to confront the so-called “troika” of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund to stop what Alexis Tsipras has called the “fiscal waterboarding” policies that have turned Greece into a debt colony, created poverty and unemployment, it is important for Greece to have a plan B.

The arrogant Globalists who have just failed to engulf the world in Ebola, should realize by now, the public is too well informed for them to continue to get away with their many crimes.

The reverberations from their attempt to destroy Greece will destroy the private money system in the eurozone once and for all, and pave the way for the introduction of publicly issued currency for purposes of trade, the real function of a currency.

Full Article at Case About Bird Flu

Corporate Criminal Responsibility for International Crimes: Exploring the Possibilities


This article investigates whether it is possible and recommendable that corporate criminal responsibility should be introduced for international crimes and that the International Criminal Court should therefore have jurisdiction over legal entities

The recurrent question is whether it would have been fair and feasible in those situations to hold the legal entity which these corporate agents were representing criminally responsible as well. The analysis reveals that the answer to this question would undoubtedly have been affirmative

What do the IMF, World Bank and the world´s most hated GMO corp have to do with the war in Ukraine?


Last December when protesters in Kiev took to the streets to demand their President sign a treaty with Europe, nobody expected that within six months the country would be torn apart by a brutal civil war, with thousands dead and over two million displaced. At the time, we highlighted some strange goings-on: secret snipers, hired thugs and tortured activists. Months later, we still don´t know who ordered these actions. Since then, The White House and the Western media have continually blamed Russia for the unrest; for shooting down passenger plane MH17, for acting aggressively, for posing a threat to the USA and indeed the entire world.

But aside from what we are told to believe, let´s ask some intelligent questions. Who stands to gain from the war in Ukraine? Which key player in this modern Game of Thrones is destabilizing countries all over the world, and what is Ukraine´s new President doing to smooth out plans for the IMF, World Bank, U.S fracking companies, and wait for it- even Monsanto- to take over the country?

In this short video, Charlie McGrath from Wide Awake News does a very good job of explaining key connections between Ukraine´s civil war and the American Empire. He uses logic and rational thinking to fit together pieces of the jigsaw that might just make you think twice about what the mainstream news is telling you right now.

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Agenda 21 Alert: NGO, Foundations,Corporations

Agenda 21 Alert: Public Private Partnerships (Part 1 Of 2)

Agenda 21 Alert: Public Private Partnerships (Part 2 Of 2)

Unholy trinity – Government – Corporation – NGO/Foundation
Public-Private partnerships are how corporations take control of government assets
Why does it matter? It is a global agenda prioritizing corporate profits over public good.Global corporate fascism
Ditto Ebola profiteering involving global medical public/private partnerships.