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The Bankster International


Brzezinski artfully neglects mention of what is intended to supersede American unipolarity: planetary tyranny, a system of total population control and resource extraction. Moreover, all of this is being constructed in the name of “liberty” and “equality,” abstractions serving as mere rhetorical cover for a demonic will to power

With the West conquered, now all of humanity is set for standardization through postmodern colonialism, covert-action NGOs, carrier battle groups, and killer drones. Any sovereign state resisting the march of progress must be destroyed

Emeritus News-AstraZeneca $520 Million Fraud Settlement-Edited

Uploaded on Apr 27, 2010
Edited portions of the news conference April 27, 2010 announcing the $520 million settlement with drug maker AstraZeneca. Drug maker was accused of kickback scheme involving doctors to use the drug, “Seroquel” for unapproved uses to boost sales.