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Ebola Can be Cured, People Should Stop Thinking That They Will die – Dr. Qian


Chinese CDC laboratory team leader Dr Qian Jun has in an exclusive interview with Awoko said they have done 258 tests in eight days. He made this disclosure at the Jui Hospital where they are working with two mobile laboratories.

When asked how long it takes for them to deliver results, Dr Qian said it takes about a day because they do it in batches of 20 at a time. “That batch of 20 samples will take five hours to be processed and get the results out.”

Dr Qian said on Tuesday, they received 36 samples for testing and most of them were negative. “Sierra Leoneans should not be afraid to come out and do tests if they are feeling sick, the earlier they come out the better it is for their survival” he said. “Ebola can be cured and people should stop thinking that they will die and come out early for treatment.”

Freetown – Jui Modern Hospital – Sierra Leone

Note: Dr Jun is confident Ebola can be CURED, not treated, yet WHO reports increasing deaths from Ebola in Sierra Leone. Cognitive dissonance. Who has the better recovery rate, the Chinese doctors or the UK army medical team?