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How Monsanto supressed cancer-causing growth hormone (Posilac) story at Fox news

Uploaded on Feb 16, 2010
Reporters Steve Wilson and Jane Akre were first asked by FOX News and later bribed, to downplay a story they had on a cancer-causing growth hormone called Posilac. The reporters decided to blow the whistle on FOX News and filed a law suit. After the ordeal was over, it was discovered in the appeals court that it’s actually not against the law to falsify the “News.”

To make matters worse, Monsanto Corporation (makers of Posilac), lobbied dearly in Congress to prevent consumer awareness and labeling of their products.

This evidence just shows how corrupt these vaccine companies are, It goes all the way to Parliament and MSM. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS EVIDENCE. Court evidence now available on-line at the University of California library shows drug giant Merck systematically targetted hit-lists of doctors to discredit, neutralise or destroy critics of the safety and effectiveness of Mercks drugs. https://childhealthsafety.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/merckdestroydoccritics/

Note: Monsanto are now fighting the labeling of GMO ingredients in products. Clearly consumers are against GMO and they have no faith in their arguments, so they must deny consumers their RIGHT to chose!

Pharma and Monsanto: Accept FULL COMMERCIAL & CRIMINAL LIABLITY for harm, damage to human beings (living souls) or their environment by your products! A refusal speaks volumes about the honesty of your claims, results or intentions!