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10,000 troops from 13 countries arrive in the UK for major exercise

Published 14 March 2019

The UK will boost its defensive capabilities by hosting a major international military exercise for two weeks from 30 March 2019.
More than 10,000 military personnel, 35 warships, 5 submarines and 59 aircraft and helicopters from 13 countries will take part in Exercise Joint Warrior until 11 April.

The aim of Joint Warrior is to allow the UK’s Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and their allies to conduct joint operations involving different forces and units and against a range of current and future threats

There following nations are taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the UK and the US.

Operation Yellowhammer

“On operation yellowhammer, which is the emergency planning for a no-deal Brexit, it is beyond comprehension that any Prime Minister could knowingly allow the country to be eight days—about 200 hours—away from the possibility of crashing out of the European Union without a deal and to require that emergency planning work to be done”

The First Minister (Nicola Sturgeon) on Yellowhammer

The question I have is: Why commit 10,000 troops during a key period of political change?

We should be leaving the EU at 11pm on Friday 29th and yet we have 10,000 troops in an exercise (cover) from 30th March to 11th April (two weeks)! As UK column pointed out, best to have foreign troops if you need to forcefully crack down on UK populace.

Would you want foreign troops diverting military resources during your contingency planning? Incompetence, over-confidence or worst case planning for unrest?

Mark Passio What Is The Religion Of The Globalist Occultists

Note: Mark’s podcast provides insight into the mind of these globalist eugenicists.
It also reveals the refutation of their own religion or belief system.
If they are crass materialists and ruthless social darwinists, why the pretense and adherence to various ritualstic practises? These practise should have no actual effect in a crass materialistic world view! It also further erodes ANY claim of authority or right to rule, leaving only VIOLENCE and DECEIT!

Tekmira Stops Testing of Ebola Drug in Sierra Leone


A Canadian company testing an experimental drug against Ebola has closed down the trial and concluded they cannot say whether the drug helped anyone.

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation had been testing the drug in patients in Sierra Leone, but said it was clear the drug wasn’t showing any benefit to patients. The testing was scheduled to end anyway.

“The Phase II clinical trial of TKM-Ebola-Guinea has reached a predefined statistical endpoint and enrollment has been closed,” the company said in a statement.

No one could say which treatment worked because none of the therapies were given in a controlled clinical trial — one set up to show whether patients did better with the treatment than without it

The drug uses bits of genetic material called small interfering RNAs, or siRNAs for short.

Viruses kill cells by invading them and taking over their machinery to force them to pump out copy after copy of virus. This drug doesn’t prevent infection, but stops the virus from replicating by attaching to its RNA.

Geisbert says it should be a successful approach. He’s afraid other companies testing drugs against Ebola will be scared away from moving forward

China Launches Internet Police, Governments Everywhere Jealous


The truth is, the Chinese are doing with their new Internet police force exactly what all governments would like to do. All of them fear dissension, and all of them—given the chance—would snuff out those promoting it. This is becoming increasingly difficult, of course, and the reason is plain to see. The Internet has fundamentally altered the game, and governments have been left scrambling to stay on top of the rising political awareness taking shape across the planet. Some will undoubtedly use the news of China’s cyber cops to foster the idea of American superiority. But then, China doesn’t purport itself to be the world’s great shining light for freedom and justice. So at the end of the day, when everything is tallied…who’s the real jerk?

Note: The West, the defenders of freedom? Really? Bogus wars, false-flags, oh snooping statutes in the US, Canada, UK.
“Governments” have reached their expiration dates. It was and still serves as a model of the ruling turds (oligarchs/Banksters/Royal and monied families), to coerce via legal deceptions masking state violence.

Vaccine Choice Canada – Take Action

Take Action
Vaccine Choice Canada has sent the following letter to the 107 Ontario MPPs. We encourage anyone who is concerned about retaining their right to informed consent for any medical procedure including vaccination to contact their provincial and federal representatives…

The Ontario Minister of Health’s contact information:
Dr. Eric Hoskins
Minister of Health and Long-Term Care
10th Floor, Hepburn Block
80 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2C4
Fax 416-326-1571

February 26, 2015

Dear Ontario MPPs

RE: Mandatory Vaccinations

There is a bitter debate raging in our media on the dangers of not complying with the current “recommended” vaccination schedule. We understand there is serious consideration being given by the Ontario provincial government to remove personal exemptions with regard to the medical practice of vaccination. This would result in the vaccination of children and adults without their informed consent. This is a very significant development in the history of our free and democratic society and ought to be taken very seriously.

The ramifications of mandating vaccinations are myriad. Consider that the legislation that would need to be amended includes Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act and the Immunization of School Pupils Act. Canadian Medical Case Law protects voluntary and informed consent to all medical procedures that carry risk. This would be challenged by such a change. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms grants the fundamental freedoms of conscience and religion, and the legal right to security of the person. These rights would also be challenged by such a change.

The consideration of compulsory vaccination of Canadians is a topic that should concern us all. As this is a matter of extreme significance to the future of Canadian society as we know it, the decision we make today will impact the society Canadians live in tomorrow.

If the government were to institute the compulsory vaccination of citizens, they would be exposing citizens to medical risks which can result in serious injury and death. Therefore, they would necessarily have to accept responsibility for mitigating the consequences of imposing such non-consensual risk. At a minimum, the following actions would have to be taken by the government:

• Reporting of all adverse events following vaccination
• Training of physicians to diagnose vaccine damage
• Mandatory compensation for all vaccine damage (To date the U.S. government
vaccine injury compensation program has paid out $3 billion in three decades)
• Establishment of an independent oversight body

The two attached documents discuss the above ramifications in more detail.

As the stewards of what Canadians value and what keeps Canada an enviable country to live in, we hope you will take the time to read these documents and consider the implications of a compulsory vaccination program. For Canadians, this is a matter of the protection of our fundamental civil rights.

We anticipate your earliest response with your action plan of how you will protect our right to Informed Consent and our Charter Rights if the government were to propose a compulsory vaccination program.

Very sincerely,

The Board of Directors of Vaccine Choice Canada

Liberian tests positive for Ebola two weeks after last case discharged


A patient has tested positive for Ebola in Liberia’s capital, officials said Friday, deflating hopes that the country had beaten the disease after weeks with no new cases

In a worrying sign, it is not clear where the woman became infected. She doesn’t seem to be linked to any of the people on a list of contacts of other Ebola patients, Kateh said.

Full article
Note: As mentioned by Case About Bird Flu, was this patient part of the vaccine trials?

Falling Ebola cases show ‘turning point’



Note: The countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone should be very wary of vaccine trials, especially as phase II has been skipped!

Nationwide Glyphosate Testing

[Indiegog – This campaign ended on July 11, 2014]

Citizen Direct Testing of Toxins in Environment

Health Canada or Environment Canada has not done mass test on how much of Monsanto’s Roundup has gotten into human body fluids, nor has it set up labs that can do this test:

  • Federal Govt does not respond to our letters (http://www.tonu.org/2014/05/29/atamanenko/).
  • In Canada, only water and soil can now be tested, for closer to 300 dollars a test – quite out of reach of citizens.
  • No Canadian lab is able to test if people have glyphosate in themselves, through samples of blood, urine or breast milk from nursing mothers.
  • Labs in the US were testing for glyphosate at costs above $100 for human body fluids.
  • We are looking for labs that may agree to batch processing at a reasonable cost.
  • There are some financially challenged that cannot afford that money, and are eating unhealthy food suspected laced with Glyphosate, which is practically in every food that is not organic.
  • This funding is to help them to test their urine and breast milk for nursing mothers.
  • Walmart, Safeway and other food stores do not respond when we asked about testing their food to check if Glyphosate is present in their food. So this funding is to test their random sample of food.

Tekmira Ebola drug trials

Trials of two experimental drugs have just started among Ebola patients in Liberia and Guinea, and
preparations for a third in Sierra Leone will start next week. However, as the epidemic fluctuates, scientists in some areas are in the unexpected position of potentially not having enough sick people to test the drug on.

The trial in Sierra Leone will involve the first-ever RNA-based drug to be tested against an infection in humans. The drug, made by Canadian firm Tekmira, contains a “short interfering” RNA (siRNA), designed to stop a particular gene from working. Tekmira has developed stable nanoparticles of fats to help administer these siRNAs, and they have been tested against cancer and a protein disorder called amyloidosis in humans. But with US biodefence funding, the company also developed one that blocks a key gene in the Ebola virus, stopping it from replicating.

It has passed small-scale safety tests in people, and intravenous doses starting half an hour after infection saved monkeys that had been infected with lethal levels of Ebola. Tekmira announced on 22 December that it would carry out human trials in West Africa with siRNA specifically matched to the epidemic strain.
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