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China Launches Internet Police, Governments Everywhere Jealous


The truth is, the Chinese are doing with their new Internet police force exactly what all governments would like to do. All of them fear dissension, and all of them—given the chance—would snuff out those promoting it. This is becoming increasingly difficult, of course, and the reason is plain to see. The Internet has fundamentally altered the game, and governments have been left scrambling to stay on top of the rising political awareness taking shape across the planet. Some will undoubtedly use the news of China’s cyber cops to foster the idea of American superiority. But then, China doesn’t purport itself to be the world’s great shining light for freedom and justice. So at the end of the day, when everything is tallied…who’s the real jerk?

Note: The West, the defenders of freedom? Really? Bogus wars, false-flags, oh snooping statutes in the US, Canada, UK.
“Governments” have reached their expiration dates. It was and still serves as a model of the ruling turds (oligarchs/Banksters/Royal and monied families), to coerce via legal deceptions masking state violence.