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A paper diagnostic for cancer


The technology, developed by MIT professor and Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator Sangeeta Bhatia, relies on nanoparticles that interact with tumor proteins called proteases, each of which can trigger release of hundreds of biomarkers that are then easily detectable in a patient’s urine

This could be modified for various other applications such as Ebola, malaria, Lassa fever, Dengue and by the Kenyan Health authority to detect contaminants like b-HCG in the Tetanus vaccines or other vaccines.

The Myth of Overpopulation in Africa and Global Medical fraud

The recent “Ebola outbreak” has brought to the fore the ongoing suspicions of a neo-colonial agenda in Africa.  We note the French presence in Mali under the pretext of fighting Islamic “terrorist” , the US pretext of Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria and Cameroun and the aborted “Arab springs” in Saharan Africa.

It is laughable to think that the US, UK, EU and its corrupt banking-military-industrial-pharma cartel care about 5 thousand African lives above their strategic military, financial and resource interests.

The inherent and fundamental fraud of global banking and their ability to print “money” into existence as the basis for physical asset seizures is now clear to even the most inattentive of people. The frauds keep coming from mortgages, securities, libor, forex, commodities and stocks. It could be argued, this banking corruption at the root of the global economy has compromised activities such as legal, civil, education, medical, military and industrial.

If there are any readers who do believe in the integrity of the above group, please post a comment on a recent criminal conviction of directors of said industries. Civil or commercial fines are NOT applicable. Continue reading The Myth of Overpopulation in Africa and Global Medical fraud

Paul Allen and Larry Ellison on Gates, Microsoft

Lesley Stahl speaks to Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen in his first interview about his upcoming book in which he criticizes his Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates

Bill Gates gets a back-handed compliment

“…Bill wants people to think he is Edison (pioneer) but he is really Rockefeller (Monopolist). If he were Edison he would be less dangerous…”

Note: This blogs critique of Bill Gates and his foundation,  is his support for genocidal corporate practices, Globalist agenda, vaccines and support for GMO (Monsanto).

Why the World hates the U.S. (and maybe with good reason)

By Frank Laughter — November, 2002
Most WHO employees are natives of the countries in which they work. UN organizations enter a country by making arrangements with government officials — i.e., Ministers of Health — and the government officials hire native employees with funds provided by the UN.

The people in Central Africa are well aware that WHO gets most of its funding from the U.S. even though the money is funneled through the UN. Also, it is routine for the NIH/CDC to send experts to help with complicated matters involving nutrition, health, and disease prevention, i.e., vaccinations for measles, whooping cough, polio, and research-treatment for HIV.

As mentioned, Kihura’s radio stations reached a lot of people in Central Africa. About the only other sources of information were government controlled TV-radio outlets and contact with workers from the NGO’s. (NGO’s are “non-government organization’s” such as UNICEF, WHO, and the Red Cross.)

Kihura is well educated; smart; has a large extended family; and was very successful with his communications empire. He is also an author with an inquisitive mind.

At some point about 1997 he became curious about the vaccines used in Central Africa and looked into the label for the Sabin oral polio vaccine being administered to children in Uganda. He has no biology or medical training, so he was surprised to see that the vaccine contained “live” polio virus.

After further research he learned that:

In 1997 the U.S. had stopped using the Sabin live vaccine in the U.S.
The French company that manufactures the vaccine administered by WHO told Kihura that the vaccine should NOT be administered to anyone with HIV. In fact, the company said, the risk is so great it should not be administered to family members of those with HIV, or to intimate contacts of people with HIV.
The Sabin live oral vaccine could spread polio to those not already vaccinated if contact were made within the first week or so after the vaccine had been administered. The virus could spread through saliva, nasal mucous, or when a diaper is being changed.
For years, WHO has targeted children for the vaccine. Adults could wait because polio risks diminish with age

Snopes bogus debunk of Kenyan b-HCG laced tetanus vaccine

The snopes.com website states the following:
Claim: Ongoing tetanus vaccine campaigns in Kenya are a ruse to sterilize women of childbearing age.
Snopes bogus debunk of Kenyan b-HCG laced tetanus vaccine
RED Circle Icon next to “FALSE”
Origins: In October 2014, a group of concerned Catholic bishops in Kenya released a statement claiming a tetanus vaccine program aimed at women entering or in their childbearing years was in actuality a stealth attempt to sterilize women en masse for unstated reasons.

This is NOT a claim. 100% of the samples were laced with b-HCG. 2 different labs and 100% contamination.

As of 13/11/2014, the Kenyan health department has agreed further testing of these Tetanus vaccines.

The Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Vaccination Campaign aims to reach 2.3 millions women and girls.
WHO’s own figures put the TOTAL Tetanus mortality for under 5s at 27,000 in 2008 for the whole of Africa.

In Kenya alone they intend to compromise the immune system of 2.3 millions women and girls for what WHO and BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) admit is due to poverty, hygiene and poor healthcare.

Improved medical care, staffing levels and education would raise the bar and should reduce other mortalities for other illness.

“Another aspect of the debate concerns “contraceptive vaccines,” a medical initiative still in the testing phases. Were such a simple, undetectable, and side effect-free form of contraception truly available, why would the booming pharmaceutical sector not take advantage of advances in the technology to replace costlier surgical alternatives such as tubal ligation or vasectomy?”

Using b-HCG as contraceptive is obviously a false argument. These women and girls were not informed, nor did they consent, it is also not readily reversible. The immune system has now been trained to attack b-HCG. Would you want to take another vaccine to turn fertility back on? What about the other toxins like mercury introduced with the vaccine

Due to the involvement of supranational bodies like UNICEF, WHO and their various funding foundations, the immediate cessation of all vaccines programs is unlikely. However we would strongly advocate the following:

  1. At a minimum, the introduction of blind random sampling of ALL vaccines by independent labs.
  2. All vaccine batches must be traceable to a single manufacturer that will stand behind their product
  3. All vaccine manufacturers must accept FULL COMMERCIAL LIABILITY for any consequent damage or hurt.
  4. The rejection of vaccines by vaccine manufacturers refusing or unable to comply with 1-3

Note: The sampling has to be blind to prevent fraud or economic blackmail. Any labs falsify results will receive reputational damage.