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Channeling Trumps White Nationalist Mind

I am the greatest American president ever, ever. I lot of people know this and love me for it. I will win the 2020 presidential race with the largest majority ever.
I will continue to make America great. We will build the biggest, strongest most beautiful military and space force ever.squad

My business could not work under socialism. My friends also don’t like socialism. However we do make exceptions when the government subsidizes my banking and military buddies.
The swamp, you say? That was an election ploy. Look, I have been deep in the swamp in New York and Las Vegas. My backers are huge swamp beasts.
So to make sure I get a second term, the “squad” will be my electoral target.

Trump’s subconscious thought: Powerful white male dominates 4 “other” females. Trump strong. Quad weak. Me win, they lose.

I don’t care if the Native Americans hate America. They can go back to where they came from. South America or some other shit hole country. What about the Aborigines disgust with the Australian state? Where can they go? Where will their home be? Who cares? They can just leave. Whether it’s American Indians, descendants of enslaved Africans or Aborigines in Australia, they MUST love their country, then they can stay. They can’t criticize our great country or hate Jews.
The squad hates Jews. I have the transcripts here. They have said vile things about America and Jews.

These brown women are going to win me the election. My electoral base will circle the wagons when the media starts their attacks, claiming I am a racist. I don’t have a racist bone in my body.
Look, even when my father was refusing black tenants, that was a business decision. It was not racism. We were protecting our portfolio. We wanted to reduce any risks of higher insurance or mortgage rates or increase void periods.
I am definitely not a racist. I am a patriot. It is because I am a patriot I will approve billions even trillions to any American cartel. The military, banking, pharma, tech, mining or petro companies. These provide jobs and help make America great.
I was skeptical of Big Pharma but, with Ebola and other vaccines, my administration and banking buddies can pump billions into vaccines.

I know the UK will not like my tweets especially with Brexit due in October but to hell with it. We will screw Boris or Hunt when they come begging us for trade deals. Did I tell you I wrote a book about deal making? I will get the best, greatest deal for America from the lonely UK. I love the Queen, what I do to the UK does not affect her. I am sure she will recommend me for a Knights of Malta membership even after my greatest deal with the UK.

Delusional? Liar? Racist? Swamp Beast? Neo-con puppet? That’s fake news!

The Future of Mandatory Forced Vaccinations For All

Published on Sep 5, 2015
Less than 3% of the nation’s population has chosen to either limit and/or delay vaccinations or exercise their inherent free will choice to build their children’s, and their own, immunity systems though healthy nutrition, diet and exercise.

Over the past 6 months the Federal and many State governments in the United States is radiply passing laws to completely take away a parents right to decide what is ultimately best for their children’s health and well being.

This video documentary makes the case for why these parents are choosing to wait, delay or abstain from CDC recommend, and now in 3 States or no schooling, required vaccinations.

Though it has been framed as a safety issue to communities, the Pro Choice/Anti- Vaxer’s make a very compelling argument as to why they are the final author of authority to protect and promote the health and all around welfare of the children in their care.

Kenny Valenzuela of Experimental Vaccines lays out the many dangers and injuries that has been caused by vaccines, why Big Pharma and Big Business is enjoying record revenue and profits from the new legislations being enacted across the country.

CA Senator, Dr. Richard Pan, is also seen just weeks before he came out with SB277 in California to eliminate personal exemptions for children in schools, prominently attending and speaking at a Scottish-Rite Freemason Ceremony in Sacramento, as well as receiving millions of dollars from Big Pharma for his run for Senate.

We also go into the future of over 300 Genetically Modified vaccines in the pipeline being designed and developed to further inoculate all, including a vaccine for Autism, which evidence is overwhelmingly showing, is caused by the vaccines!

Please visit AVVI.info

More resource links on youtube

Jon Rappoport – Red flag: grand experiment: the plan for a future Australia


Elite -sic turd – planners are, of course, focusing on questions of population control: “Can we keep order? In the face of widespread unemployment, can we avoid massive riots? Can we shape propaganda messages that will maintain the people in a quiescent passive state? Can we maximize mega-corporate profits? Do we need to reduce the population? Can we sell off huge and huger chunks of the country to foreign companies?”

These are primary Globalist issues for the immediate future.

Elite -sic turd- planners are undoubtedly asking: “What traditional conflicts among sectors of the population need to be stimulated, accentuated, pumped up, in order create significant distractions and diversions?


Abbott government to announce anti-vaccination parents will lose benefits


Parents who do not vaccinate their children will lose welfare payments of up to $2100 per child under a federal government policy set to be announced before the May budget.

Under changes that could save more than $50 million a year, Social Services Minister Scott Morrison is preparing to scrap a “conscientious objection” provision which allows anti-vaccination parents to still claim welfare benefits including childcare assistance and Family Tax Benefit A.

Note: What the Australian government fail to realise, is that parents objecting to dubious vaccines will not be swayed by the punitive $2100 penalty. $2100 vs a compromised immune system?
Or to put it another way: Here is $2100 to poison your child.

The global agenda and vaccine paradigm must be maintained.
Anti-vaxxers are actually mis-labled, we are pro-health, pro-choice, pro-consent, pro-biological integrity, pro-individual, pro-self reliance, pro-self responsibility, pro-full commercial liability for any and all products/medicines and interventions.

A record high in the number of so-called conscientious vaccination objectors is worrying the government


A RECORD number of parents are telling the government they have made the dangerous decision not to vaccinate their children from life threatening diseases because of ‘conscientious objections’.

Department of Health data shows in 2006 the total number of children under 7 years of age whose parents told authorities they were not vaccinating their children because they had a personal, philosophical, religious or medical objection was 18,899 — or 1.03 per cent of the population of children under 7.
By the end of 2011 that figure had jumped to 29,968 or 1.41 per cent of all kids under 7.

Note: Only 1.41% of refuseniks? Wow a really scary trend Australia.

Vaccination News: Australia to Forcibly Vaccinate population through Aerosol Spraying 

Bearing in mind the history of genocide against the Australian natives the release of a GMO vaccine into the air, were one cannot be informed or consent further confirms that western governments – Australia and US in this case – have a agenda for vaccines beyond their false public health claim. It is further evidence of Western bio-experimentation.

Australia’s vaccine mafia desperately trying to silence Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

…when a so-called “science” is so terrified of the public hearing the other side of the argument, it’s no science at all. It is a dogma. Any science that must actively seek to silence and intimidate those who might question its core tenants is a fraudulent pseudoscience.

Vaccine companies are also criminal enterprises, being routinely found guilty of serious felony crimes such as bribing doctors and paying kickbacks to hospitals. Even the U.S. Dept. of Justice — which almost never goes after powerful corporations — nailed GlaxoSmithKline with a multi-billion-dollar fine after charging the company with felony criminal misconduct.



TPP Page-picture
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is an ambitious, 21st century trade agreement that the United States is negotiating with 11 other countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam). When complete, TPP will unlock opportunities for American workers, families, businesses, farmers, and ranchers by providing increased access to some of the fastest growing markets in the world.

TPP will provide new market access for Made-in-America goods and services, strong and enforceable labor standards and environmental commitments, groundbreaking new rules on state-owned enterprises, a robust and balanced intellectual property rights framework, and a thriving digital economy. It will also include commitments that will improve the transparency and consistency of the regulatory environment to make it easier for small- and medium-sized businesses to operate across the region. By opening these new markets to American products, TPP will help ensure that we are not left behind by our competitors in a vital region of the world.

USTR is committed to providing the public with information on what we are working to achieve through TPP and this website includes a number of resources to find out more about TPP. Those resources include: a summary of U.S. objectives, updates on TPP negotiating rounds, blog posts on TPP-related issues, opportunities for you to share your comments on TPP, and much more.