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Occupy London – March Against Monsanto 24th May 2014


GMOs are not adequately monitored to ensure public safety. Long term, independent, peer reviewed studies were not conducted before GMOs were introduced for human or animal consumption.

In the USA, the revolving door between Monsanto employees, government positions, and regulatory authorities has led to key Monsanto figures occupying positions of power at the FDA and EPA. Monsanto has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to obstruct all labeling attempts; they also suppress any research containing results not in their favor.

The scientifically established health risks include, but are not limited to: organ damage, sterility, infant mortality, birth defects, auto-immune conditions, allergies and increased cancer risks. GMOs have been partially banned by Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, South America, Russia, France, Switzerland and Costa Rico, and are currently labelled in 62 countries. Despite this, factory farm animals throughout the world are still fed GMOs.


The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) lodged a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) following an advertisement on Radio 702 by Monsanto wherein Monsanto claims that GM crops are safe and sustainable.


So TTIP Won’t Stop Public Services Being Run in the Interests of Ordinary People? Tell That to Argentina


Another week, another victory for big business over a government in a secret pseudo-court. This time it’s the turn of private water giant Suez, who successfully sued Argentina for reversing the privatisation of Buenos Aires’s water supply.

No matter that the country was in a state of economic crisis when the nationalisation took place, and the government didn’t want water prices to rise by 60%. No matter that the company time and again failed to meet its performance targets. In the world of corporate courts, nothing matters except an investor’s ‘right’ to profit.

Argentina the bad seeds

Argentina, a warning to Africa concerning GMO!

CEO of Los Grobo (Gustavo Grobocopatel)…links GMO to CO2. GMO plants consume CO2 to produce fuel or food. Plants as factories. A new green revolution. Gustavo Grobocopatel:

” People that are against pesticdes are against the poor people. The agriculture needs a lot of pesticdes to produce more and when you produce more, the cost, you reduce the cost and your reduce the food price and a lot poor people can eat”

Note: Most of Gustavo Grobocopatel mono culture of soya is exported not consumed locally.