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Callous Disregard & Waging War on the Autistic Child

Paperback – 13 Jul 2011 by Andrew Wakefield (Author)
In the pursuit of possible links between childhood vaccines, intestinal inflammation, and neurologic injury in children, Wakefield lost his job in London’s Royal Free Hospital, his country of birth, his carreer, and his medical license. Wakefield endeavors to set the record straight in ‘Callous Disregard’.

Waging War on the Autistic Child: The Arizona 5 and the Legacy of Baron von Munchausen

Hardcover – 7 Jun 2012 by Andrew Wakefiel (Author)
Families affected by the autism epidemic have suffered great hardship and prejudice, particularly as they have navigated the uncertain waters of diagnosis, treatment, and education. Now they face a new and insidious threat in the form of allegations of child abuse. Some in social services, medicine, and the courts have parents in their sights, especially those who treat their children’s condition as a medical disorder rather than a psychological aberration. This is the shocking story of one Arizona family with five children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. It is a story of two parents accused of Munchausen syndrome by proxy-a very rare form of child abuse-that turns the roles of abused and abusers on its head. In the midst of the autism epidemic, a nightmare for many American families, it is a story that the System does not want told.

Vaccine safety: a dangerous illusion

Published on Oct 23, 2013
The vaccine industry is motivated by profits, not science or concern for your or our children’s health and well-being. In fact, the testing of vaccines for safety and effectiveness involves outright scientific fraud as a matter of necessity as without such fraud vaccines would never pass the licensing process.

In this clip from the documentary ‘Bought’ soon to be released, Andrew Wakefield, Toni Bark, MD and Patrick Gentempo, DC look at the issue of vaccine safety and point out that vaccine safety is a dangerous illusion.