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Funding jihad: Al-Shabab cash lures in young Kenyans


As Kenyan troops fight al-Shabab militants in Somalia, the extremist group’s propaganda machine is targeting disillusioned young men back home in Kenya’s poorest neighbourhoods.

What is also unremarkable(?) about this young man is that he says he only joined the Islamist militant group in Somalia, where he was based for two years, because they offered him money.
Three women we met whose relatives all went to fight with al-Shabab in Somalia told us their relatives had gone to fight in Somalia for the same reason.
The 24-year-old former recruit we met, whose identity we are protecting, says he was paid more than $1,000 (£640) to join the group.

Note: NO idealogical or religious basis for support.


Jihadist groups around the world


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