COVID19/CRASH2: the bare-faced scam that insists a virus is running the World

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Why the 3% rejoice in the existence of Coronavirus


There is a need at this point in the erosion of liberal democracy to try and point out the serious danger the average Western citizen faces. For the foreseeable future, I’ll continue to be a French resident, and so will use the data pertaining to this country. I hope people will find my analyses useful, and – wherever they live in Europe or elsewhere – compare them with their own experiences. My hope is that this will give more and more Europeans a real perspective about where things are heading.

I was very outspoken yesterday about the ludicrously draconian Elysée Presidential response to this largely manufactured crisis, and I suspect some people think this to have been melodrama for effect. Let me try and quickly dispel that assumption.

France has a population of almost exactly 70 million. There are now thought…

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