Who is going to run a perfect world?

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This article is very relevant today, as the UK votes in the European Union MEP election. The EU, a big/super state project of US/European corporatists!
 Wall Street funded the NAZIS via Bank of International Settlement (BIS). NAZI  supra-national corporartists envisioned the EU.

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“Ah, yes. Utopia. You see perfection, i see mediocracy. You see triumph, I see surface gloss and shiny objects and moths drawn to luminous signs and symbols. You see order, I see walled-in compartments. You see community, I see the abdication of the soul.” (From my Notes on Technocratic Utopia)

In early human societies, technology was primitive, and top-down control over the population was overt and menacing.

In modern times, technology develops apart from massive political power—or it seems to.

Large numbers of people who work with technology view it as a path to perfection of civilization. Perfection equals order, organization, coordination, comfort, security, and so on. Or as one technocrat put it to me, “Everyone and everything in its proper place.”

If you don’t examine what that means, if you just take it as a surface generalization, and if you dream technology can solve all problems, the future looks rosy.

You can even flesh out details of the future. Buckminster Fuller did. He proposed that technology had reached a point where every human on Earth could be guaranteed, from birth, at no charge, the essentials of life: food, clothing, shelter, education.

There are many versions of a technocratic utopia. They all promise a collective triumph for the human species.

But is the fundamental premise true? Is modern technology developing apart from top-down control? Unfortunately, the answer is no. At the summit of the food chain, the people in charge see technology as a means of universal control. They aren’t content to allow innovation with no firm hand on the reins of society.

Who will run the perfect society? The people who are building it. The technocrats, who see humans as pieces on a board; pieces that need to be positioned properly.

What quality will disappear if the technocrats have their way? FREEDOM.

A technocrat looks at humans and sees a mess made of millions of bad individual decisions; a massive and well-programmed computer can fix that, if the computer is made king. The computer can organize the whole of Earth. “You go here, you go there. You do this, you do that. You have this much energy you can use every month…”

If you ask a dumb and dumber liberal who will run the perfect world, he’ll say THE GOVERNMENT. If you ask a dumb and dumber conservative the same question, he’ll say GIANT CORPORATIONS AND BANKS.

The truth, of course, is GOVERNMENT AND GIANT CORPORATIONS, WORKING TOGETHER. How naïve does a person have to be to embrace, without worry, GIANT GOVERNMENT or GIANT CORPORATIONS?

Resistance to this future starts with understanding what INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM means.

Or else, at some point, you’ll get this: “Hi, I’m Jim. I’m with your electric company, your bank, your employer, your insurance carrier, your court, and your doctor. I just wanted to go over a few things with you prior to your annual interview. As you know, this year the energy allotment for each citizen is going to decline, so we want you to be prepared for that…”

Skip ahead in time and the annual check-up will include a DNA scan, to make sure your genetic profile fits your assigned status.

Too far-fetched? I can tell you this. Every year, the number of individuals who are ready to sacrifice their highest dreams and ambitions “for the sake of the community (the collective)” grows. The ideology of equality, twisted to turn into more control from the top, expands.



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