The ‘Anti-vaxxer’ Conundrum —

I thought I would reblog this, as the original blog has disabled comments.
The blog was started on March 14 2019. This month! I will try to keep an eye on this blog, as it feels like a troll farm to me.
Oh, the irony, part of our message as so called “anti-vaxxers”, is don’t believe big pharma. The fictional legal entity, called a corporation is focused on profit NOT your health.

There aren’t a whole lot of stories these days that churn my stomach, as the combined violence, sickness, destruction, evil and general misery of human existence has numbed me out overall. Oh but this… this one gets me. A recent CBC story revealed that the B.C. government granted $428,500 to a Vancouver-based anti-vaccination group over […]

via The ‘Anti-vaxxer’ Conundrum —

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