Desperate Putin-Trump-Le Pen Minions Hack Macron and Spread Fake Emails Mixed with Real Ones in Apparent Effort to Throw French Elections to Le Pen

Reblogging this as comments are closed. Oh, those damn Russians again!

Mining Awareness +

Trump and Putin’s minions appear desperate to get the money back that they’ve invested in French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. They don’t think much of her either or they wouldn’t think that she needed a KGB style fraudulent document leak. Recall that Putin is a former KGB agent.

2 minute version above and Link:
And, no one really knows what Trump, Roger Stone, etc., are and the little that has been unearthed points to something very ugly.

Perhaps Putin-Trump-Le Pen minions have a poor opinion of Marine Le Pen, because a major part of their agenda is actually an anti-woman agenda, the other major part is for the west’s nuclear deterrent to be under Putin’s control. These are facts that everyone appears to be overlooking. That’s apart from their resource-extraction/petro-state and apparent kleptocracy agenda.

Soviet Active Measures:

23 min version is very important to watch, even for…

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