New book: “If I Were King, Advice for President Trump”

Excellent: “It also provokes the reader to go beyond piecemeal ideas and actually flesh out his own big picture”

Jon Rappoport's Blog

New book: “If I Were King, Advice for President Trump”

by Jon Rappoport

May 2, 2017

This is about answers, and visions of a better country.

Editor Harry Blazer has assembled a book in which a number of authors discuss what they would do if they were King. I have a chapter in the book. Among the other authors: Catherine Austin Fitts; Pepe Escobar; Dmitry Orlov.

Here is the intro at Amazon, where you can order the book:

“Leading alternative researchers and authors weigh in on the new administration in If I Were King: Advice for Donald Trump. From humor to detailed analysis, If I Were King is first introduced through the economic lens of investment analyst Catherine Austin Fitts, after which The Premise takes charge: ‘You have been elected King of the USA by a supermajority of the popular vote and have the support of the masses and…

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