Richard Stallman on Exreme Capitalism

Published on Aug 19, 2012

Extreme capitalism, the empire of the corporations which is what we have since the globalisation and unfair trade treaties of the nineties…means that in each area of life, the businesses interested in that area of life, rule society, control the government and in particular the oil and fossil fuel companies control energy policy and they are driving us towards the kind of disaster where we won’t have food to eat.

Note: This interview is 5 years old. Stallman echoes my view on the western “capitalism”.
Does the above quite not ring true for vaccines and Big Pharma, GMO and Big Agri business, war, surveillance technology and the military industrial complex. How about banking and computing technology and their push to cashless, further consolidation, control and profit.

Another Stallman quote that is apt:

“Money can’t compensate for the ugliness of life (under extreme capitalism)”


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