Ken O’Keefe vs Max Igan (World Citizen Initiative)

Note: An object lesson for all truthers. It seems to me Ken is angry with the wrong crowd. He will “come after” the radio host? What would be the conduct of a humble, honest man, that had made  a mistake or been proven wrong?
Admit the error, apologise and move on? So who is in error, Max or Ken?


3 thoughts on “Ken O’Keefe vs Max Igan (World Citizen Initiative)

  1. i listened to part to the interview
    richie allen started the attack
    an attack not an interview
    ken okeefe responded as I would have

    anything else about this situation I don’t know


  2. “What was the legal opinion that the lawyer had on moving forward with this?” Regarding withholding one’s taxes if they are spent on the world’s war machine… it seems Ken O’Keefe has all sorts of deflection comments to this all important question, and this type of behaviour always points to MONEY BEING STOLEN?

    Richie Allen asks questions that good journalists are supposed to ask, aka “WHERE’S THE MONEY?”, “WHAT’S IT BEING SPENT ON?”, WHAT’S THE PLAN?”. It seems that O’Keefe can’t stand this. He wants a CNN or FOX interviewer, that don’t ask uncomfortable questions, it seems!

    This seems to be the same system of fraud-fear-power-deflection used by Elizabeth Holmes while CEO of Theranos, while she bilked investors of many millions to maintain her spendthrift lifestyle such as flying herself into her own meetings across the US in her own private plane. All this on the question she would not answer: can extensive blood tests be accurately made from a single drop of finger pin-pricked blood?

    The answer- a resounding NO!!! She kept the answer hidden for the longest time & the question buried in layers of political correctness and lies.

    The money? STOLEN! GONE! The company & shares? WORTHLESS!

    O’Keefe appears to deflect ALL questions using the same tactics from the Elizabeth Holmes playbook!

    If you didn’t quickly understand this through your Anglo-Irish-American-Canadian-Australian-NewZealander mind-control, then it’s time to DEPROGRAM!

    I look forward to hearing Ken O’Keefe’s transparency on his plan, as he states in this interview, but so far nothing. For those who have contributed to his World Citizen Initiative, I wish you all the best of luck if you’ve decided to stand up to your country’s taxpayer, and as you face the onslaught of Illuminati judges and prosecutors foaming at the mouth while you defend “non payment of taxes”! Will Ken be there to pay for the lawyers???


    1. And therein lies the problem…the aligned judges.
      The kangaroo courts masquerading as public, truth seeking, natural justice arbitrators. However, for the brave and well read on these matters you can challenge their judicial fraud!


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