WASPIS, BREXITERS, MARXISTS, GLOBALISTS & TORIES: Face the future or die of nostalgia

It has been a nonstop stream of political news since June 23rd – the day that the sheep refused for once to be bussed to the slaughterhouse. But after all those events, shocks, twists and dramas, the analysis remains very simple: NOTHING has changed

The Slog

Drop the ideologies and dream up some new ideas

mesnip18716Everything political that could happen has happened in under four weeks. Nothing fiscally economic has changed in over a year. But the outcome in both theatres of life has been the same: stagnation. When “all change” and “no change” add up to the same aftermath, you know that something is seriously wrong. The Slog tries to explain why old ideas can only make things worse….and why this blog’s output must change radically in order to offer straightforward cures rather than just describe complicated symptoms. 

“Everything’s happening at once, but nothing is changing” was a tweet I sent out nearly three years ago. It disappeared into a black hole of indifference, probably because there was no obscenity or madcap interpretation in it. But since Theresa Maniac became Gordon Brown II last week, it’s become hourly more obvious that the void where ideas…

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