TTIPP Quashed? Europe refuses to commit suicide for USA

The English were the first to realize that: Brexit marks the reluctance of the UK to die together with the European Union being bound with the US by the enslaving TTIP.

The treaty establishing the Transatlantic free trade zone between the United States and the European Union (TTIP, Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) will not be signed this year, Secretary of State for European Affairs at the government of France, Harlem Désir said. It appears that a part of the European elite has decided not to commit suicide. Following the example of their English counterparts, they reject the project of deregulation and privatization of the European project by American transnational corporations.

from Veterans Today: 

The terms and conditions for the conclusion of the treaty have not been regulated, indicated Desir. In particular, France has found USA’s proposals regarding access to the US domestic market absolutely insignificant. According to Desir, they do not provide any benefits for the European economy, TASS reports. Paris seeks recognition of certificates of geographic origin of products, compliance with health standards (excluding imports of hormone-stuffed meat or…

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