Independence Day!

A shared sentiment!!



We’ve done it!

Despite everything, the British people have spoken, and having done so – we have shown the Western world the way!

NO – to Globalism – over National Sovereignty

NO – to unaccountable corrupt Elites

NO – to anti-democratic, liberal fascistic Totalitarianism

NO – to ‘Open Borders’ / Multiculturalism / Mass-Migrationism


All this achieved against incredible odds.  Suffice to say, in the coming weeks I think we will hear more about electoral fraud and shenanigans, already there are videos circulate of vote-counters using erasers and then writing… people will scream ‘she could have been doing anything’ – but what on earth would a vote-counter be doing with an eraser?

Then we had Project Fear – months of doom laden, idiotic predictions – WW3, the end of Western civilisation, civil war, causing worldwide recession… everything but alien invasion or Nigel Farage was actually the Antichrist.  Most of…

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