Would they provoke murder to undermine Brexit?

The EU referendum is not binding on the blue gang. Referendum have been ignored in Ireland and Denmark. However, the act of staying IN the EU is a capitulation. We must not consent.

The stay IN the EU camp ignorantly or deceitfully claim we are better off, sidetracking the issue of sovereignty. Trade, pound in your pocket, money, money seems to be their winning hand.

Freedom, self determination, personal sovereignty are not for sale. Even without war criminal and profound liar Tony Blair, the UK labour party is hostile to the interests of the working class. Brexit has underlined the almost unanimous consensus in Labour to stay in the EU superstate.

The UK voting system is corruptible, especially via postal ballots. Those of us inclined to cynicism or hard realism expected some massaging of the polls and results. However it seems that the surge towards OUT, stated as only 5 to 9 points would make any dubious activity highly risky.

So what are we to make of the opportunism of the “remain” crowd concerning the murder of a UK labour MP outside her office as she left a meeting by  a “loner”. Jo Cox was shot and stabbed by Tommy Mair, as he shouted, “Britain first”? Update: an eyewitness states he heard no such thing.

The daily mail has more details concerning Jo Cox’s murder

Listen to the narrative closely, to what degree is the crime exploited? The criminal mindset that destroyed lives in Iraq. Syria, Libya, Afghanistan would not be averse to initiating a singular crime on UK soil.

Let us forensically observe and listen to the mainstream media, lets see what capital they make of this “lone gunman”.

8 thoughts on “Would they provoke murder to undermine Brexit?

      1. I added that …. it loooks like they had the same thing happen in Greece.
        I smell Gladio.


      2. However, unlike Greece it has not worked to boost the remain’s cause.
        What is annoying is the incomplete story from official media. Other than Tommy Miar, who else was present at Jo Cox’s murder? It looks like at least two other people. A 77 man and Jo’s aide. What are their stories?
        SKY, BBC, CNN were just pathetic. They are not reporters just script readers. I believe CNN had Mr Richard Quest on the ground and still…incomplete and distorted


      3. Jon Rappoport is looking into it … at least he is thorough
        It is like an ad running over and over and over … same schemes, different clothes, different locations.
        I just added as a comment the Orlando police have disappeared the radio call tapes from midnight to 3 a.m..


      4. looked fishy from the start ….
        also distracts from US war-gaming on Russian front …..


  1. “tell your government to stop bombing my people” is what all terrorists who have hit ameriKa have said…and, the u.s. military industrial complex that profits from this “bogus war on terror” will make sure the american sheeple never hear this


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