PETITION: Parliament Must Debate Heath’s Lisbon Treaty Treason!


Ted Heath Fears Unjustified - Vote No

One of the most important and least discussed issues about the entire Brexit debate, is why the hell we should be even in this awful predicament in the first place.

Why SHOULD we be fretting over the possibility of voting ‘Remain’ – and somehow this means that we can NEVER have a chance for a future vote, and that whatever direction the EU goes in, we are forever tied to what unelected bureau-rats in Brussels (and Berlin), decide?


The general public were never made aware of the EU’s agenda to become a de facto Empire, nor the succession of Treaties where UK Prime Ministers traitorously gave away sovereign powers to unelected EU institutions.  We were sold the lie it was only a trade agreement.

Do we want Merkel, a former Communist agitprop specialist, to rule us?

Do we want to be part of an institution which from its…

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