Tony Gosling’s and Brexit

Note: The Bilderberg event was between 7-12 June 2016 in Dresden German. Tony’s site is content dense and worth exploring, time and interest allowing.
Big Pharma and the medical cartel are corrupt, their financial power will give them influence in the corrupt EU politburo hence to CONSENT to remain in the EU is to capitulate to their genocidal greed and psycopathy.
Tony recommends the following documentary on Brussels: “The Brussels Business”

3 thoughts on “Tony Gosling’s and Brexit

    1. It has been a slow boil to full corporatism. The pioneers who have been against the EU project from the start are being proven right. It is indeed a long standing project for corporations or an oligarchal cabal using their corporate fictions.
      TTIP really brings the crooked nature of the EU into view. A so called democratic system that would conspire to impoverish, poison, exploit it citizenry is indeed a cruel hoax, a fraud.
      We have not even gone deep into the rabbit hole. How are the CIA, MI5, European royalty, banks, vatican, european oligarchs tied to the European project? What role does Switzerland play in the convenient hiding of historical looting. What is the link between BIS, Pharma and Biotech in switzerland? What is the significance of this “neutral” country in the rejected push towards globalism…?


  1. David Rothkopf was a CEO of Kissinger Associates and wrote Superclass. In that book he said the world is run by Thirty Families and their 6,000 Minions.

    In 2007 there was a study done at the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology. They found that 147 corporations controlled 20% of all international trade.

    If we add these two studies together, we get the Bilderberg Society and the TTIP and TPP treaties which make Banks and Corporations Uber Alles.

    In the US years ago we had a One Man One Vote ruling from the Supreme Court.
    If TTIP passes, we will have One Bank One Vote with the rest of humanity left out.

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