CNN: Zika virus now in U.S.

“…speaking of blood, take a look at these photos, this is Dr Scott Weaver at the Galveston National Laboratory in Texas and he is feeding mosquitoes sheep blood that has been spiked with zika. He and his team will then study the mosquitoes, see how they digest it, see how quickly the mosquitoes themselves become infectious and this is really important Carol because mosquitoes are what spread zika virus”

– Elizabeth Cohen (CNN Medical correspondent)

Note: From a prior post, Dr Scott Weaver asserted a direct link between Zika and microcephaly. An assertion he cannot make if he is still in the process of actually understaning zika’s lifecycle in the Aedes Egypti mosquitoe? So which is it? He has enough information on zika virus and microcephaly via mosquitoes or we are still looking into zika, so cannot make any assertion of a causal link between zika and microcephaly.

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