BBC: Zika virus: US scientists say vaccine ’10 years away’

The search for a vaccine is being led by scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

They have visited Brazil to carry out research and collect samples, and are now analysing them in a suite of high-security laboratories in Galveston

Nikos Vasilakis, an assistant professor in the university’s pathology department who works in the Centre for Biodefence and Emerging Infectious Diseases in Galveston, said they could have a vaccine ready for testing within a year or two, although he warned that winning approval from regulators could take much longer

Prof Nikos Vasilakis
Prof Nikos Vasilakis

Note: There we have it, the keyword, “emerging” diseases.
If the narrative is true, we should see microcephaly in Africa since the 1940, in Nigeria from the 70s.
The genius of the “scare”, vaccine research funding, GM mosquitoes funding and birth control. Profit and control, sweet!
The synthetic virus makers will create the “anti-virus” for Ebola, Zika and other emerging viruses in the product/profit pipeline. Well the model works for computers why not the apply it to the biological vehicle for our earthly incarnation?

2 thoughts on “BBC: Zika virus: US scientists say vaccine ’10 years away’

  1. I am Brazilian and I would talk about the Zika virus outbreak in my country, and communicate that recently before Zica of the outbreak in Brazil, were released into the wild thousands of two (2) dangerous mosquito espermentos Aedes modified to be investigated by the world community because such espermentos may have contributed or not to the evolution of Zica virus in Brazil, the first espermento: Aedes aegypti OX513A developed by Oxitec. ” mosquito that has been genetically modified by Oxitec company and released in the state of Bahia in Brazil, in order to create infertile males .The other espermento was contaminated aedes mosquito intelligently by Brazilian scientists by Wolbachia bacteria also released by the thousands to fight dengue year pasado but what we see is that coicidentimente, instead of reducing the outbreak of the mosquito, the outbreak almentou and with the world Cup probably enabled the then input Zica Virus in Brazil .Porém the questions are, why the virus has evolved only Zica in Brazil, because before the man caused problems were not serious in other countries. Did some of them espermentos cited above, could cause conditions in the mosquito for evolution of Zica virus in some of the Aedes modified? For indeed there was a mutation in the virus and that in fact contributed conditions for harmful mutation Zica virus to humans in Brazil. because in my country (Brazil) it comes to research and the creation of a vaccine to combat the virus, but do not talk about the problem of the origin, and which led to his then evolution.
    Help us American friends, before such a problem break barriers.


  2. Several points:
    1) Zika is NOT the cause of microcephaly. Look to others causes like pesticides.

    2) Brazil has confirmed less than 500 cases of microcephaly this year. The US has thousands of microcephaly cases every year. Did the zika virus cause all those cases? Of cource NOT!

    3) As a result of points 1 and 2, the declaration by W.H.O. is a fraud. It also exposes the WHO as either inept or corrupt. You decide.

    4) Oxitec’s release of GM mosquitoes makes them liable along with the Brazilian government for other problems which “zika” is a cover for?


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