Counting the cost of Zika

…on the positive side it may boost the search for solutions (including the deployment of genetically-modified sterile mosquitoes)


The zika virus is causing global concern. It is carried by the Aedes mosquito, which can also be a vector for the dengue and chikungunya diseases. Since 2015 Zika has been spreading in a number of Latin American countries, particularly in Brazil. There may be a link between the virus and cases of microcephaly, where children are born with abnormally small heads and brain defects. The Brazilian government says that since last October there have been 3,893 cases of microcephaly, compared to fewer than 150 in 2014. There is no known antidote to the disease. Yesterday the Pan American health Organisation (PAHO) said that the “Zika virus will continue to spread and will likely reach all countries and territories of the region where Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are found”. That means all countries in the Americas except Canada and Chile.

zika countries

Zika will be bad for regional economies. Any disease has a…

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2 thoughts on “Counting the cost of Zika

    1. If we remove the fear of birth defects, zika would be as worrisome as a cold. As others and Jon R. have pointed out, there are other possible causes of microcephaly. These other culprits are being ignored – pesticides and vaccines.


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