BBC: GM insect trials urged for UK

Lord Selborne, who chairs the committee, said: “GM insect technologies have the potential not only to save countless lives worldwide, but also to generate significant economic benefits for UK plc, where we are an acknowledged world leader.”
But he said the technology had come to a “screeching halt because the EU regulatory system is woefully inadequate”.
GM insects are created by inserting DNA into their genome.
New gene editing techniques mean this can be done rapidly and cheaply.

Small-scale studies in Brazil and the Cayman Islands, using sterile mosquitoes, resulted in cutting the numbers of dengue insects by more than 90%.
The studies were carried out by the world’s only company currently trialling GM insects, Oxitec, based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Note: A timeline of Zika and Oxitec in Brazil should be ineresting. The corporate technocrat, simply asks is it profitable or is there research funding?

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